Saturday, October 22, 2011


Sweden v Lithuania in Kuanas (ENC 2A)

Venue: S. Darius and S. Girėnas Stadium

Referee: Tuma (Czech Republic)


SWEDEN 4 4 0 0 136 77 59 2 0 18
LITHUANIA 4 3 0 1 117 47 70 1 1 14
LATVIA 4 1 0 3 77 151 -74 2 1 7
MALTA 4 1 0 3 66 88 -14 1 2 7
CROATIA 4 1 0 3 53 94 -41 0 1 5

This could well be the showdown test match of this division. Sweden and Lithuania are locked at the top of the points table. Sweden prevailed last time these two Baltic nations met. You can be sure Lithuania will be out to pull this test away from Sweden.

Sweden has won its last six tests in a row and has found a purple patch in its test rugby. These wins include a tough 26-22 win over the Lithuanians back in November.

Lithuania is the team famous for its world record breaking 18 test wins in a row. They passed the previous record of 17 test wins in a row held jointly by New Zealand and South Africa when they defeated Serbia 77-5 in April 2010.

Having the home advantage will benefit Lithuania. Their strength will depend as to whether they can bring their England-based players home for this game. The delay in announcing their squad may well be because of this.

Sweden is a very strong team. The game will be close and I’ll give it to the home side..just

Previous Encounters
06.11.2010 Sweden 26-22 in Trelleborg (ENC 2A)
30.10.2004 Sweden 32-20 in Helsinborg (WCQ Europe R2, Pool C)
03.05.1997 Sweden 84-17 in Plunge (WCQ Europe Pool 3, Rnd A)
29.08.1993 Sweden 68-5 in Olofstrom

Sweden Last Five
14.05.2011 v Latvia W 54-29 in Riga (ENC 2A)
07.05.2011 v Malta W 24-13 in Stockholm (ENC 2A)
09.04.2011 v Denmark W 55-15 in Stockholm (Friendly)
06.11.2010 v Lithuania W 26-22 in Trelloburg (ENC 2A)
23.10.2010 v Croatia W 32-13 in Split (ENC 2A)

Lithuania Last Five
07.05.2011 v Croatia W 29-12 in Split (ENC 2A)
30.04.2011 v Latvia W 57-3 in Kuanas
06.11.2010 v Sweden L 22-26 in Trelleborg (ENC 2A)
30.10.2010 v Malta W 9-6 in Siauliai (ENC 2A)
08.05.2010 v Ukraine L 16-27 in Siauliai (WCQ Europe R4, Final)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table-Sweden 18th, Lithuania 19th

IRB Ranking Points
Lithuania 51.49, Sweden 50.99

Prediction: Lithuania by 3 points



Sweden Squad
Thomas Arvidsson (Fredriksbergs RC, Denmark)
Ivar Bengtsson (Hammarby IF)
Mattias Björkebäck (Hammarby IF)
Peter Blaha (Attila RG)
Tobias Borg (Enköpings RK)
Robin Fransson (Malvern RFC, England)
Ian Gowland (Stockholm Exiles RFC)
Rickard Johansson (Hammarby IF)
Timothy Johansson (Enköpings RK)
Alan Letele (Spartacus RUFC)
Eirik Lundqvist (Enköpings RK)
Conor Murphy (Corinthians RFC, Ireland)
Robert Nave (Enköpings RK)
Stefan Obradovic (Attila RG)
Rikard Örnberg (Vänersborgs RK)
Viktor Pettersson (Enköpings RK)
Lee Sandberg (Cambridge RUFC, England)
Mark Stephenson (Spartacus RUFC)
Paul Sullivan ((Stockholm Exiles RFC)
Alexander Taylor (Hammarby IF)
Sebastian Taylor (Old Haberdashers RFC, England)
Rikus van Niekerk (Stockholm Exiles RFC)
Peter Wiklund (Vänersborg RK)
Head Coach: Mike Tatu
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Lithuania Squad not yet announced

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