Saturday, October 22, 2011

RUGBY TEST MATCH: Belgium and Croatia Play Friendly

Croatia v Belgium in Charleroi (Friendly)

Venue: "Arc en Ciel", Place du Prieuré




“Yesterday [Oct.15) in Zagreb was played trial match between two teams of candidates for croatian rugby side. In the team North were players from Zagreb RFC, Mladost RFC and Sisak RFC, and in the team South players from Nada RFC, Makarska rivijera RFC and Vilani Krasica RFC. South won 29-22.” Thanks to ‘Tarara’ at

I am pleased to see the number of per ENC warm up games being played between teams outside their competition division. Last week it was Serbia v Hungary. I do hope this is a growing trend. Apart from the practical advantages to both sides, its a way of spreading the game and developing a wider interest in the sport. This venue in Belgium also sees a local rugby club given the opportunity of hosting a test match.

There was a time when Croatia was much stronger than Belgium in international rugby. Since the 90’s Belgium has certainly grown in leaps and bounds. Even without some of their France-based players I would expect Belgium to win this friendly test match.

Previous Encounters
29.10.2005 Belgium 26-20 in Brussels (WCQ Europe, Rnd 3A, Pool B)
24.04.2004 Belgium 14-3 in Bruges (ENC 2B)
02.11.2002 Croatia 33-12 in Zagreb (ENC 2B)
24.11.2001 Croatia 26-0 in Brussels (FIRA/WCQ Euro.R2, Pool A)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table-Belgium 13th, Croatia 21st

IRB Ranking Points
Belgium 56.50, Croatia 45.56

Prediction: Belgium by 35 points



Croatia Squad (To be reduced to 22)
Jai Ayoub (AUS)
Denis Brečić (Mladost RFC)
Caleb Brown (Hauraki North RFC, New Zealand)
Ante Bulat (Mladost RFC)
Marko Bunić (Mladost RFC)
Tomislav Burazin (Nada RFC)
Tonči Buzov (Nada RFC)
Krešimir Čorić (Nada RFC)
Goran Čulić (Nada RFC)
Dominik Draženović (Mladost RFC)
Luka Jureško (Zagreb RFC)
Milivoj Kramarić (Zagreb RFC)
Steven Kumarich (Auckland University RFC, New Zealand)
Luka Lerotić (Nada RFC)
Jakša Lovreta (Makarska Rivijera RFC)
Miroslav Mandić (Zagreb RFC)
Frane Marčić (Nada RFC)
Filip Mijić (Zagreb RFC)
Ivan Miljak (Nada RFC)
Ante Olujić (Nada RFC)
Mario Ozich (Waitemata RFC, New Zealand)
Saša Sekovanec (Nada RFC)
Saša Slijepčević (Young Munster RFC, Ireland)
Ivan Šuta (Mladost RFC)
Vinko Udovičić (Zagreb RFC)
Filip Ujaković (Mladost RFC)
Richard Pervan (NZ)

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Belgium Squad
Thibaut André (Soignies)
Bertrand Billi (Soignies)
Tom Coupe (Boitsfort)
Bram Coupe (Boitsfort)
Sep Debacker (Boitsfort)
Michael De Molder (Boitsfort)
Thomas Dienst (Lille, France)
Antoine Dubray (Arras)
Peter Duchau (Dendermonde)
Denis Eppe (ROC Ottignies)
Dirk Haghedooren (Cap d’Agde, France)
Julien Hanchir (Millau, France)
Pierre Hendrickxs (Boitsfort)
Daniel Janssens (La Roche sur Yon, France)
Simon Marote (Brussels University Club)
Julien Massimi (Saint-Etienne, France)
Nicolas Meeus (Kituro)
Cyril Nana (Anderlecht)
Pierre Plasman (Dendermonde)
Frédéric Rongé (Kituro)
Bastian Vermeylen (Boitsfort)
Mathieu Verschelden (Saint-Etienne, France)
Jérôme Wey (St-Nazaire, France)
Kevin Williams (Brussels University Club)
Alan Williams (Montluçon, France)
Head Coach: Richard McClintock

Foreign-based players not selected
Julien Berger (La Rochelle, France)
Christophe Debaty (Limoges, France)
Jimmy Mulumba (Gennevilliers, France)
Damien Verhaeghen (Coq Mosan, France)
Norman Wende (Saint-Etienne, France)

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