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TEST RUGBY: European Nations Cup, Div.2B

Armenia v Serbia in Belgrade (ENC 2B)

Venue: Sports Institute Field

Referee: Grumbinas (Lithuania)

SWITZ. 4 3 0 1 99 64 35 1 1 14
ANDORRA 4 2 0 2 85 68 17 1 1 10
ARMENIA 2 1 0 1 52 42 10 0 1 5
SLOVENIA 3 1 0 2 50 58 -8 0 0 4
SERBIA 3 1 0 2 46 90 -44 0 0 4


Armenia can catch the leading side Switzerland if they win this and their last game of the season providing they gain bonus points as well. This is not beyond this team. Armenia has, it is reported, a good selection of France-based players in their squad.

Serbia has a new coach. They play well at home. They defeated Switzerland, the leading side, at home last November. They cannot be discounted in what is a fairly even contest in this Division.

‘New national coach for Serbia Mr. Dragan Grujic will make his coaching debut. He is the legend of Serbian/Yugoslav rugby. Hopefully his attitude and presence will contribute to the side.There are no injured/suspended players for Serbia, so we will be there on the full.’ Thanks to Boris at

‘Serbia beat a Zagreb Selection 49 - 12 in Zagreb in a warm up game last weekend, this was the Serbia team which will presumably form the basis for the match against Armenia.’ Thanks to Quentin at

‘Just finished pre match dinner with officials and guests ( I am assistant referee tomorrow at the game ).. Armenians arrived, only 3 players actually play in Armenia, all the others are playing their rugby in France..They have a bit of problem since their kit is lost at Paris airport, but they seem to be relaxed about it.. Serbia RU will provide some solution of course..’ again thanks to Boris

Armenia won by one point when they last played Serbia. Image thanks to

Previous Encounters
10.04.2010 Armenia 20-19 in Abovian (ENC 3A)
13.09.2008 Armenia 42-0 in Smederevo (WCQ Europe R2; ENC 3A)
24.05.2008 Serbia 19-8 in Belgrade (ENC 3A)
10.04.2008 Armenia 25-0 in Yerevan (ENC 3A)

Serbia Last Five
19.02.2011 v Andorra L 25-42 in Andorra La Vele (ENC 2B)
20.11.2010 v Switzerland W 18-15 in Belgrade (ENC 2B)
23.10.2010 v Slovenia L 3-33 in Ljubliana (ENC 2B)
24.04.2010 v Lithuania L 3-77 in Pancevo (ENC 3A)
10.04.2010 v Armenia L 19-20 in ASbovian (ENC 3A)

Armenia Last Five
13.11.2010 v Andorra W 15-12 in Abovian (ENC 2B)
02.10.2010 v Switzerland L 27-30 in Lausanne (ENC 2B)
10.04.2010 v Serbia W 20-19 in Abovian (ENC 3A)
03.04.2010 v Andorra W 26-17 in Abovian (ENC 3A)
22.11.2009 v Switzerland L 0-18 in Yverdon (ENC 3A)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table-Armenia 25th, Serbia 28th

IRB Ranking Points
Do not apply

Prediction: Armenia by 11 points


Serbia Squad
Uros Babic (RC Pobednik Belgrade)
Igor Dejаnović (RC Partizan Belgrad)
Aleksandar Djordjevic (KBRK Belgrade)
Vladimir Djukic (RC Pobednik Belgrade)
Andreja Jankovic (KBRK Belgrade)
Nikola Jerkovic (RC Partizan Belgrad)
Mаrko Kаpor (RC Pobednik Belgrade)
Boris Martic (KBRK Belgrade)
Nenad Matejic (RC Partizan Belgrad)
Nenаd Mičić
Mаrko Milosаvljević (RC Partizan Belgrad)
Ivаn Ničić (KBRK Belgrade)
Srđаn Nikolić
Brаnimir Petrović (RC Pobednik Belgrade)
Ivаn Rodić (KBRK Belgrade)
Nemаnjа Simonović (RC Pobednik Belgrade)
Nikola Simonovic (RC Pobednik Belgrade)
Vlastimir Sretenovic (KBRK Belgrade)
Predrаg Vrаneš
Miladin Zivanov (RC Pobednik Belgrade)
Coach: Dragan Grujic
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