Saturday, May 28, 2011

TEST RUGBY: African Friendly

Reunion v Madagascar in Antanamena

Venue: Mahamsina Stadium


Madagascar is using this game in the Indian Ocean Rugby Championship (Madagascar, Reunion, Seychelles, Mauritius) as a warm up for the up coming CAR African Rugby Competition.

Reunion will play Mauritius later in June but no word as to whether the Seychelles will compete. Reunion is an overseas department  of France and so strictly speaking this is not a test match. But as I have listed Reunion’s ‘test’ matches that I’m aware of from the past I can’t help but include this result on my lists.

Madagascar is due to play in Uganda next month in Division 1B, against Zimbabwe and Uganda. Ivory coast has pulled out of this competition because of the unstable political situation in that country and face automatic relegation.

The venue is a town in the south of the country called Antanamena.

Last year Madagascar played Zambia (won 36-18) and Zimbabwe (lost 22-28) in the CAR Africa Cup, Pool C tournament held in Bulawayo.

Reunion last played a ‘test’ in 2009 in which they lost all 3 games in the CAR Development Trophy, South-Mauritius (9-10), Botswana (17-39) and Madagascar (27-36).

Previous Encounters
25.07.2009 Madagascar 36-27 in Gabarone (CAR Development Trophy, South)
01.12.1995 Reunion 33-9

GWC Rugby Rankings do not apply as Reunion did not play in 2010

Prediction: Madagascar by 20 points




This is reportedly the starting XV for Madagascar

Donald Rakotomialoha (US Ikopa)
Ibrahim Andrianiaina (Iarivo RC)
Hasina Razafimahatratra (TAM Anosibe)
Tolotra Ramaromiantso (3FB)
Claudio Ravelonomenjanahary (Savonnerie Tropicale)
Toussaint Rabearilala (Iarivo RC)
Vonjy Randriamananjara (FTM)
Thierry Herimampionona (TAM Anosibe)
Romuald Rafaralahy (3FB)
José Rakoto Harison (3FB)
Benja Rakotoarivelo (TFMA)
Rija Rakotoarimanana (3FB)
Bienvenu Mananjarasoa (Iarivo RC)
Hery (AT Ivandry)
Jacquot Hary Nirina (TAM Anosibe)
Head Coach: Camille Ratsima

3FB = Ministère de la Santé et du Planning Familial


Reunion Squad not available

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