Saturday, May 28, 2011

RUGBY TEST MATCH: NACRA Caribbean Championship

Mexico v Bahamas in Nassau (NACRA Caribbean Champ., North R3)

Venue: Winton Rugby Centre


Mexico has recorded two wins so far to reach the third stage of the Caribbean Championship. They defeated USA South 25-9 in Mexico City last month to proceed to round two. On May 15 they defeated the Cayman Islands 34-20, in Mexico City again, to qualify for round three. In this round they play a round-robin tournament with Bahamas and Bermuda. They have the distinct advantage of having played two games already whilst their opponents have played a test match each in 2011. But will the added experience be enough against two rivals who have a long history in this tournament?

Bahamas has a shorter rugby history than Bermuda. They played their first test match in 1993. Since then they have participated in Caribbean rugby championships in 1998 (losing all 3 games), 2001 (defeating Jamaica but losing to Barbados), 2005 (defeating Caymans and Bermuda, losing to Jamaica, and Barbados 3-52 in the final) and in 2008 (losing to Bermuda, defeating Jamaica, and then Mexico 23-17 in the bowl final)

That Bowl final match would indicate that there is not a great deal between these two teams. Bahamas, having a home advantage, has that advantage.

Mexico has made great strides this season. I’d expect them to win by a smidgeon.

Previous Encounter
26.04.2008 Bahamas 23-17 in Grand Cayman (NAWIRA B, Bowl Final)

GWC Rugby Rankings
NACRA Table-Mexico 6th, Bahamas 12th

Prediction: Mexico by 2 points



Mexico Squad not available




1 Burrows, Annejo - Prop – Baillou
2 Cartwright, Devon - Prop – Freeport
3 Major, Tyrone - Prop – Cuckoos
4 Morrison, Garfield - Prop – Potcakes
5 Smith, Charles - Prop/Flanker – Cuckoos
6 McPhee, Leon - Hooker – Freeport
7 Young, Renaldo - Hooker – Baillou
8 Arthur, Patrick - Second Row/8 – Buccaneers
9 Gates, John - Second Row – Cuckoos
10 Thurston, Earl - Second Row – Baillou
11 Kemp, Shawn - Flanker/Wing – Baillou
12 Bain, Andrew - Flanker/8/Centre – Cuckoos
13 Woodside, Devon - Flanker – Cuckoos

14 Albury, Connor - Scrum half – Baillou
15 Butler, Dorian - Wing/Full Back – Buccaneers
16 Charlton, Kacey - Fly Half – Freeport
17 Cooper, Jeremico - Scrum Half/Fly Half – Cuckoos
18 Curry, Jamaal - Centre/Full Back – Cuckoos
19 Joseph, Edwin - Centre/Wing – Freeport
20 Knowles, Ryan - Centre – Buccaneers
21 Beadle, Duran - Centre – Baillou
22 Bodie, Andrew - Wing - Baillou ... 6014.shtml

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