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TEST RUGBY: Spain Not At Full Strength For Romania

Spain v Romania in Bucharest (ENC 1A)

Venue: Estadio Nacional Arco del Triunfo

Referee: Johan Van der Merwe (Scotland)

Spain has elected to place nine of it’s leading players into its sevens squad in Hong Kong rather than select them for the test in Bucharest. I would have thought this was a golden opportunity for Spain to build upon its great success last week against Portugal. Apparently not! I can’t see them defeating a Romanian side fresh from a tough struggle against Georgia.

Having said that Romania has their own problems as distinguished player Sorin Socal has had a little disagreement with the team coach. An article on suggests some disharmony in the team especially France-based players wanting a more experienced coach.

Last Five Encounters
27.03.2010 Romania 48-3 in Bucharest (WCQ Europe R5; ENC 1)
07.02.2009 Romania 19-10 in Madrid (WCQ Europe R5; ENC 1)
23.02.2008 Romania 17-11 in Madrid (ENC 1)
10.03.2007 Romania 50-14 in Bucharest (ENC 1)
14.10.2006 Romania 43-20 in Madrid (WCQ Europe R5, Pool B)

Spain last defeated Romania in 1992, winning 6-0 in Madrid. That remains Spain’s only success against Romania.

Spain Last Five
12.03.2011 v Portugal W 25-10 in Madrid (ENC 1B)
26.02.2011 v Ukraine W 35-13 in Madrid (ENC 1A)
12.02.2011 v Georgia L 0-60 in Tblissi (ENC 1A)
05.02.2011 v Russia L 24-28 in Madrid (ENC 1A)
27.11.2010 v Namibia W 23-20 in Palma de Malorca (Friendly)

Romania Last Five
12.03.2011 v Georgia L 11-18 in Tblissi (ENC 1A)
26.02.2011 v Russia W 33-3 in Bucharest (ENC 1A)
05.02.2011 v Portugal L 17-24 in Lisbon (ENC 1A)
27.11.2010 v Uruguay W 39-12 in Bucharest (WCQ Repechage, final, 2nd leg)
13.11.2010 v Uruguay D 21-21 in Montevideo (WCQ Repechage, Final, 1st leg)

GWC Rugby Rankings
World Table-Spain 18th, Romania 20th
Europe Table-Spain 8th, Romania 10th

IRB Ranking Points
Romania 65.11, Spain 59.67

Prediction: Romania by 6 points



15 Remi Delgado (FC Oloron, France)
14 Brice Labadie (Stade Montois, France)
13 Ignacio Gutiérrez-Muller (VRAC Quesos Entrepinares)
12 Bruno Angulo (RC Aubenas, France)
11 Baptiste Sanchez (RC Narbonne, France)
10 Andoni Jorajuria (Biarritz Olimpique, France)
9 Adrien Ayestaran (Biarritz Olimpique, France)
8 Julien Tourtoulou (US Colomiers, France)
7 Martín Aceña, Capt. (C.R. La Vila)
6 Mathieu Roca (Stade Aurillacois, France)
5 Jesús Recuerda (Lille Metropole Rugby, France)
4 Sergio Souto (El Salvador)
3 Mattín Auzqui (US Dax, France)
2 Fabien Rofes (Montpellier, France)
1 Jesús Moreno (Leeds Carnegie, England)
16 Juan Gonzalez Marruecos (?)
17 Rodrigo Martinez (CR La Vila)
18 Anibal Bonan (Valladolid RAC),
19 Matthew Cook (C.R. La Vila)
20 Sebastien Rouet (FC Lourdes, France)
21 ?
22 Eduard Sorribes (CAU Valencia)
Head Coach: Regis Sonnes

Adapted from

‘Heredia, Negrillo, Pedro Martin, Tudela, Gomez, Canosa, Blanco, Poggi, Lavino, Ignacio Martin and Feijoo aren't in the squad because they play with 7's selection’.



15 Iulian Dumitras (Lourdes, France)
14 Lemnaru Madalin (Timisoara)
13 Csaba Gal (Baia Mare)
12 Ionut Dimofte (Baia Mare)
11 Catalin Fercu (Timisoara)
10 Danut Dumbrava (Steaua Bucaresti)
9 Florin Surugiu (CSM Bucaresti)
8 Traian Pllotschi (Figeac, France) New cap
7 Daniel Ianus (Steaua Bucuresti)
6 Daniel Carpo (RCJ Constanta Farul)
5 Valentin Ursache (Baia Mare)
4 Cristian Petre, Capt. (Saint Etienne, France)
3 Mihaita Lazar (Aix En Provence, France)
2 Bogdan Zebega (Steaua Bucuresti)
1 Nicolae Nere (Steaua Bucaresti)
16 Andrei Radoi (Baia Mare)
17 Dragos Dima (Blagnac, France)
18 Valentin Poparlan (CSM Bucuresti)
19 Viorel Lucaci (Steaua Bucaresti)
20 Valentin Calafeteanu (Timisoara)
21 Florin Vlaicu (Steaua Bucaresti)
22 Ionel Cazan (Steaua Bucaresti)
Head Coach: Romeo Gontineac
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