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ENC RUGBY: Poland face the Competition Leaders

Belgium v Poland at Gdansk (ENC 1B)

Venue: Stadion Narodowy

Referee: B.Bessot (France)


Poland hosts the competition leaders Belgium in Gdansk. Apart from a very good, and surprise, 22-17 win over Germany last start, the Pole’s record is not impressive. The win in Frankfurt may well be a turning point for Polish rugby. A good win or at least a close encounter would confirm the rise of Polish rugby.

Belgium come to Poland as competition leaders. The Belgians appear to be making another rise in European rugby after a few seasons in the doldrums. On form Belgium should win.

Last Five Encounters
24.04.2010 Belgium 29-8 in Brussels (WCQ Europe R4; ENC 2A)
30.05.2009 Poland 14-3 in Gdansk (WCQ Europe R4; ENC 2A)
16.10.1999 Poland 43-14 in Brussels (FIRA C)
28.03.1998 Poland 30-10 in Gdansk (WCQ Europe Pool 2, Rnd B)
28.10.1995 Poland 30-10 in Lodz (FIRA A2)

Belgium Last Five
13.11.2010 Czech Republic W 24-12 in Prague (ENC 1B)
06.11.2010 Canada L 12-43 in Brussels (Friendly)
24.04.2010 Poland W 29-8 in Brussels (WCQ Europe R4; ENC 2A)
03.04.2010 Czech Republic W 19-16 in Prague (WCQ Europe R4; ENC 2A)
31.10.2009 Moldova W 14-3 in Brussels (WCQ Europe R4; ENC 2A)

Poland Last Five
20.11.2010 Germany W 22-17 in Frankfurt (ENC 1B)
13.11.2010 Moldova L 25-36 in Gdansk (ENC 1B)
09.10.2010 Czech Republic L 15-20 in Prague (ENC 1B)
24.04.2010 Belgium L 8-29 in Brussels (WCQ Europe R4, ENC 2A)
25.10. 2009 Czech Republic L 5-19 in Varsovie (WCQ Europe R4; ENC 2A)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table-Poland 12th, Germany 14th

IRB Ranking Points
Belgium 56.78, Poland 51.33

Prediction: Belgium by 12 points



Belgium Squad
Thibaut Andre (Soignies)
Jérôme Cauwe (ASUB Rugby Waterloo)
Christophe Debaty (Limoges, France)
Mika Demolder (Boitsfort)
Thomas Dienst (Lille, France)
Noam Dubart (Brussels University Club)
Denis Eppe (ROC Ottignies)
Pieter Feys (Dendermonde)
Carlos Fierro (Rugby Olympique de Grasse, France)
Sébastien Guns (Boitsfort)
Julien Hanchir (Millau, France)
Pierre Hendrikx (Boitsfort)
Maxime Jadot (Pau, France)
Nicolas Meeus (Kituro)
Andrew Neal (Tournefeuille, France)
Romain Orban (Kituro)
Pierre Plasman (Dendermonde)
Frédéric Rongé (Kituro)
Bastian Vermeylen (Boitsfort)
Mathieu Verschelden (ASUB Rugby Waterloo)
Norman Wende (Saint-Etienne, France)
Alan Williams (Montluçon, France)
Kevin Williams (Brussels University Club)
Head Coach: Richard McClintock

Belgium squad adapted from


Poland Squad
Mateusz Bartoszek (Albi, France)
Alexandre Beccuau (Orleans, France)
Romuald Berthe (Bobigny, France)
Jean Boutes (Bayonne, France)
Kamil Bobryk (Eperney, France)
David Chartier (Bayonne, France)
Merab Gabunia (Budowlani Łódź)
Donald Gargasson (La Seyne-sur-Mer, France)
Krzysztof Hotowski (Nevers, France)
Grzegorz Janiec (Lechia Gdańsk)
Tom Jankowski (Ampthill RUFC)
Michał Krużycki (Bobigny, France)
Kacper Ławski (Budowlani Łódź)
Wojciech Łukasiewicz (Orkan Sochaczew)
Paweł Najdek Posnania Poznań
Wojciech Piotrowicz (Budowlani Lublin)
Dawid Popławski (Albi, France)
Bastien Siepielski (Marmande, France)
Łukasz Szostek (Arka Gdynia)
Cedric Vaissiere (Albi, France)
Marcin Wilczuk (Portsmouth RFC, England)
Mariusz Wilczuk (Lechia Gdańsk)
Jan Cal
Emil Kowalewski
Head Coach: Tomas Putra

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