Saturday, March 12, 2011

RUGBY TEST MATCH: Romanians Travel to Georgia

Romania v Georgia in Tblissi (ENC 1A, Antim Cup)

Venue: Mikhei Meskhi Stadium, Vake

Referee: David Wilkinson ( Ireland)

Georgia has been the pace-maker so far in this competition. They struggled past Portugal two weeks ago in Lisbon but were in control of much of that match. They have crushed both Spain and the Ukraine by convincing margins. The Romanians have a tough tussle on their hands.

Both teams have key players off with injuries but Romania appears to be the most effected. Georgia has a vastly more experienced side and the Romanians will struggle to match it with their hosts.

Georgia has dominated Romania since before the 2007 Rugby World Cup. Last season saw Romania rise back to the top position in this competition, taking the 2009-10 title. Their 22-10 win in Bucharest was impressive. Despite that and their recent 33-3 win over Russia, I can’t see the Romanians getting past Georgia although I predict it will be a tight finish.

Also at stake is the Antim Cup which Romania wrestled off Georgia in that 22-10 win. ‘It is named after the Romanian Orthodox Metropolitan Anthim the Iberian, who came from Georgia’.

Last Five Encounters
13.03.2010 Romania 22-10 in Bucharest (WCQ Europe R5; ENC 1; Antim Cup)
14.03.2009 Georgia 28-12 in Tblissi (WCQ Europe R5; ENC 1; Antim Cup)
09.02.2008 Georgia 22-7 in Tblissi (ENC 1; Antim Cup)
03.02.2007 Georgia 20-17 in Bucharest (ENC 1; Antim Cup)
07.10.2006 Romania 20-8 in Bucharest (WCQ Europe R5, Pool B)

Romania Last Five
26.02.2011 v Russia W 33-3 in Bucharest (ENC 1A)
05.02.2011 v Portugal L 17-24 in Lisbon (ENC 1A)
27.11.2010 v Uruguay W 39-12 in Bucharest (WCQ Repechage, final, 2nd leg)
13.11.2010 v Uruguay D 21-21 in Montevideo (WCQ Repechage, Final, 1st leg)
17.07.2010 v Tunisia W 56-13 in Bazau (WCQ Repechage)

Georgia Last Five
26.02.2011 v Portugal W 13-12 in Lisbon (ENC 1A)
12,02,2011 v Spain W 60-0 in Tblissi (ENC 1A)
05.02.2011 v Ukraine W 62-3 in Tblissi (ENC 1A)
27.11.2010 v USA in Tblissi W 19-17 (Friendly)
20.11.2010 v Canada in Tblissi W 22-15 (Friendly)

GWC Rugby Rankings
World Table-Georgia 15th, Romania 19th
Europe Table-Georgia 7th, Romania 9th

IRB Ranking Points
Georgia 69.07, Romania 65.44

Prediction: Georgia by 6 points



15. Bessik Khamashuridze (Aia Kutaissi)
14 Irakli Machkhaneli (Macon, France)
13 David Kacharava (Nice, France)
12 Tedo Zibzibadze (Perigueux, France)
11 Lexso Gugava (Lelo)
10 Merab Kvirikashvili (Figeac, France)
9 Irakli Abuseridze, Capt (Auxerre, France)
8 Mamuka Gorgodze (Montpellier, France)
7 Grigol Labadze (Marseille Vitrol, France)
6 Shalva Sutiashvili (Massy, France)
5 Vakhtang Maisuradze (St Nazaire, France)
4 Levan Datunashvili (Figeac, France)
3 David Zirakashvili (Clermont Ferrand, France)
2 Jaba Bregvadze (Visol-Kochebi)
1 David Khinchigashvili (Brive, France)
16 Irakli Natriashvili (Steau Bucaresti)
17 George Zhghenti (Montpellier, France)
18 George Nemsadze (Montauban, France)
19 Giorgi Chkhaidze (Montpellier, France)
20 Bidzina Samkharadze (Staeu Bucaresti)
21 Irakli Chkhikvadze (Aia Kutaissi)
22 Lasha Malaguradze (Beziers, France)
Head Coach: Richie Dixon

Adapted from

15 Iulian Dumitras (Lourdes, France)
14 Lemnaru Madalin (Timisoara)
13 Ionel Cazan (Steaua Bucaresti)
12 Robert Dascalu (Steaua Bucaresti)
11 Catalin Fercu (Timisoara)
10 Florin Vlaicu (Steaua Bucaresti)
9 Florin Surugiu (CSM Bucaresti)
8 Daniel Carpo (RCJ Constanta Farul)
7 Daniel Ianus (Steaua Bucuresti)
6 Mihai Macovei (CSM Baia Mare)
5 Cristian Petre, Capt. (Saint Etienne, France)
4 Valentin Ursache (Baia Mare)
3 Dragos Dima (Blagnac, France)
2 Bogdan Zebega (Steaua Bucuresti)
1 Nicolae Nere (Steaua Bucaresti)
16 Andrei Radoi (Baia Mare)
17 Vasile Mariscariu (Bobigny, France)
18 Sorin Socol (Lourdes, France)
19 Valentin Poparlan (CSM Bucuresti)
20 Valentin Calafeteanu (Timisoara)
21 Csaba Gal (Baia Mare)
22 Danut Dumbrava (Steaua Bucaresti)
Head Coach: Romeo Gontineac

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