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TEST RUGBY: Victoria Cup, Elgon Cup

Uganda v Kenya in Kampala (Victoria Cup; Elgon Cup)

Venue: Kyodondo RFC Ground


There is never a great deal between these two East African nations once they enter a rugby field. The Elgon Cup has traditionally been the symbol of rugby supremacy between these nations but this year a new trophy has emerged-The Victoria Cup.

Lake Victoria. Image thanks to

Lake Victoria is situated in East Africa and is the source of the great river Nile and gives its name to a new rugby trophy on this vast continent. Played between Zimbabwe, Uganda and Kenya, the format is similar to the famous Tri Nations rugby tournament.

Mount Elgon straddles the border between Kenya and Uganda and has been the symbol of rugby supremacy between these two nations since 2006. Kenya holds the cup at present. Played over two matches per season, home and away, it is decided upon an aggregate of points scored over the two matches. If points are equal the trophy remains with the holder.

Elgon Cup History

In each year the difference in the aggregate of points has been marginal. The Cup is keenly contested.

Kenya and Uganda will meet again after these two tournaments end. They are due to play for a place in the Africa Cup finals. They will join Namibia and Cameroun in Windhoek, perhaps in August.

Both teams have already played a test match. Kenya defeated Zimbabwe 11-10 in Nairobi in the first Victoria Cup test match. Uganda then defeated Zimbabwe 25-15 in Kampala two weeks ago. This would indicate Uganda as the stronger side at present.

Uganda has recalled a number of players who were involved in a dispute with the union a few years back. Most famous would be Timothy Mudoola.

There is never much between these two teams at any given time. They do have the recent habit of only being able to win their home matches. On this basis and the fact that Uganda won more comfortably against Zimbabawe recently, I fancy Uganda to win.

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Last Five Encounters
19.08.2009 Uganda 18-13 in Kampala (Elgon Cup, 2nd leg)
15.08.2009 Kenya 30-22 in Nairobi (Elgon Cup, 1st leg)
16.08.2008 Kenya 39-20 in Nairobi (Elgon Cup, 2nd leg)
24.05.2008 Uganda 20-3 in Kampala (Elgon Cup, 1st leg)
26.08.2007 Uganda 24-12 in Antanaviro (CAR Africa Cup, semi-final)

Kenya last won in Kampala in 2005. They defeated Uganda 8-5 in a World Cup qualifying match.

GWC Rugby Rankings
Africa Table-Uganda 5th, Kenya 6th
IRB Ranking Points-Kenya 50.10, Uganda 50.09

Prediction: Uganda by 5 points



15. Innocent Simiyu, Capt. (Cheetahs/Impala RFC)
14. Peter Abuoga (Rhinos/Kenya Harlequin FC)
13. David Ambunya (Rhinos/Kenya Harlequin FC)
12. Patrice Agunda (Rhinos/Kenya Harlequin FC)
11. Victor Sudi (Rhinos/Kenya Harlequin FC)
10. Nato Simiyu (Cheetahs/Impala RFC)
9. Moses Kola (Cheetahs/Impala RFC)
8. Lawrence Buyachi (Cheetahs/Impala RFC)
7. Oscar Ouma (Rhinos/Nakura RFC)
6. Andrew Amonde (Lions/Kenya Commercial Bank)
5. Michael Aung (Cheetahs/Nondescripts RUFC)
4. Anthony Mutai (Rhinos/Kenya Harlequin FC)
3. Nzioka Muema (Cheetahs/Impala RFC)
2. Edwin Alubaka (Lions/Kenya Commercial Bank)
1. Daniel Kiptoo (Rhinos/Kenya Harlequin FC)
16. Vincent Ongera (Rhinos/Kenya Harlequin FC)
17. Joel Nganga (Rhinos/Kenya Harlequin FC)
18. Ronnie Mwenesi (Lions/Kenya Commercial Bank)
19. Kevin Umbuge (Cheetahs/Impala RFC) *debut
20. David Mogere (Rhinos/Kenya Harlequin FC)
21. Felix Wanjala (Sharks/Mean Machine RFC) *debut
22. Kelvin Omiyo (Cheetahs/Impala RFC)
Head Coach: Michael Otieno

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Ronald Adigasi (Entebbe Mongers)
Oscar Echulu (UTL Kobs)
Faisal Gamma (MTN Heathens)
Brian Jjemba (G4S Pirates)
Philip Karumuna (G4S Pirates)
Benon Kizza (MTN Heathens)
Solomon Mawanda (G4S Pirates)
Alexander Mubiru (MTN Heathens)
Timothy Mudoola (UTL Kobs)
Allan Musoke (UTL Kobs)
John Musoke (Rhinos)
Mathias Ochwo, Capt. (MTN Heathens)
Brian Odong (UTL Kobs)
Romano Ogwal (Impala)
Scott Oluoch (MTN Heathens)
Andrew Olweny (Entebbe Mongers)
Bishop Onen (MTN Heathens)
Robert Seguya (MTN Heathens)
Moses Soita (G4S Pirates)
Victor Wadia (UTL Kobs)
Simon Wakabi (UTL Kobs)
Michael Wokorach, Vice Captain (MTN Heathens)
Head Coach: Ham Osando

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