Friday, July 23, 2010

AFRICAN RUGBY: Africa Trophy North

Round 2, held in Niamey, Niger

Burkino Faso 21, Congo 0
Togo 12, Benin 5

Niger 6, Mali 3
Senegal A 38, Ghana 0

Finals Day, Saturday 24 July

Final-Senegal A v Niger
Playoff 3rd-4th: Mali v Ghana
Playoff 5th-6th: Burkino Faso v Benin
Playoff 7th-8th: Congo v Benin

This has been a fascinating tournament, played in one of the poorest nations on earth, and in the middle of a devastating drought as well. How they manage to hold a rugby tournament in all that shows just what this game is all about. In the most adverse conditions the game goes on.

Senegal A would appear to be too strong for the opposition and I will predict them as the eventual winners. Mali has been the dark horse and the host nation Niger has made the final which is good for the game locally.

Hopefully African rugby is heading towards a divisional and regional tournament format similar to that provided by Asia. Transport costs would be the most inhibiting factor but there is no denying the enthusiasm and determination of the small African unions and clubs putting their all in for the game of rugby. Africa I salute you!

Previous Encounters
Non of the teams playing on the final day have ever played each other before.

Final-Senegal A by 20 v Niger
Playoff 3rd-4th-Ghana by 28 v Mali
Playoff 5th-6th-Burkino Faso by 7 v Togo
Playoff 7th-8th-Benin by 14 v Congo

Team lists not available

Here are some links to some match reports (Via FIRA-AER Forum)

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