Monday, July 5, 2010


Kenya 33, Uganda 25 in Kampala (Victoria Cup, Elgon Cup)
Zimbabwe 28, Madagascar 22 in Bulawayo (Africa Cup, Pool C; Final)
Zambia 27, Botswana 14 in Bulawayo (Africa Cup, Pool C; Playoff 3rd-4th)

A quiet weekend after such a hectic June. But a whole weekend of all African international rugby.

Kenya is in the lead position as far as the Victoria Cup is concerned. A win next weekend at home in Nairobi, which looks likely, could see Kenya as the first holders of the cup.

Zimbabwe gained a finals place in the 2010 Africa Cup. Madagascar look to be in a good position to be the best second placed team to make the fourth entrant in that final.

Zambia rounded off proceedings with a comfortable win over Botswana.

So to next weekend and the first match of the 2010 Tri Nations. A much waited for encounter between the two giants of international rugby, New Zealand and South Africa.

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