Friday, July 16, 2010

TEST RUGBY: Africa Trophy North Begins

Day 1: Played in Niamey, Niger

Niger v Dem.Rep.Congo
Burkino Faso v Mali

Little information is available.

It will be short of a miracle that all teams will participate. We have already seen Nigeria pull out of this tournament. I can't get it confirmed but word had it that last year's trophy matches were of limited duration and may not have been 15-a-side, which throws some doubt over the 'test' match status of these fixtures.

If they arrive, the Democratic Republic of Congo (Brazzaville) will be making their international rugby debut.

In 2009 Burkino Faso played in the CAR Development Trophy, North held in Tsevie, Togo. They came 3rd in that tournament, defeating Togo 7-5 in a playoff and were placed behind Ghana and Niger.

Mali also attended the CAR Development Trophy, North tournament in 2009. They finished 6th, losing 0-5 to Nigeria in the playoff. Niger reached the final of the same tournament, defeating Ghana 5-3.

Previous Encounters
Burkino Faso v Mali
22.06.2007 Burkino Faso 10-0 in Ouagadougou (CAR Trophy North, Pool A)
24.03.2006 Burkino Faso 5-3 in Niamey (CAR Trophy, North Pool A)
05.06.2005 Burkino Faso 16-13 in Ouagadougou (CAR Div.2, North, Pool B)
07.06.2004 Mali 40-12 in Dakar (CAR Div.2, North. Pool A)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Africa Table
Niger 16th, DR Congo not placed
Burkino Faso 18th, Mali 21st
No IRB Rankings

Niger by 30 points v DR Congo
Burkino Faso by 12 points v Mali

Not available

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