Saturday, July 11, 2009

Test Rugby: Senegal v Cameroun

Senegal v Cameroun in Safi (CAR Trophy, North; Playoff 3rd-4th)

These two teams will have to settle for the pickings after their mid-week defeats. Senegal has a slight historical advantage over Cameroun although I'd expect the result to be close. A lot will depend on how many injuries and how well the teams have shaped up after those tough matches mid-week.

Previous Encounters
08.04.2006 Senegal 20-16 in Dakar (CAR Africa Cup, Group C)
26.03.2005 Senegal 6-0 in Duala (WCQ Africa Round 1A, North)

GWC Rugby Rankings: Senegal 11th, Cameroun 12th

Prediction: Senegal by 3 points


Senegal Squad
Front Row
Mamadou Diallo (Suresnes, France)
Antoine Laporte (Castres, France)
Carlos Mendy (Chateauneuf-Orange, France)
Ousmane Ndiaye (Oyonnax, France)
Ciré Sam (Oyonnax, France)
Mamadou Sy (Grasse, France)

Second Row
Magnamé Koïta (Vienne, France)
Mamadou Koïta (Grenoble, France)
Lamine Ndiaye (Suresnes, France)

Loose Forwards
Abdoulaye Ba (Maisons-Laffite, France)
Aliou Bodiang (Gourdon, France)
Ousmane Mané (Drancy, France)
Preira Charles Ndiaye (Niort, France)
Mouhamed Samba (Brive, France)

Half Backs
Moussa Magassa (Drancy, France)
Demba Kane (Bobigny, France)
Khalifa Niang (Nice, France)
Steeve Sargos (Romans, France)

Three Quarters
Mamadou Diarra (Pau, France)
Ousmane Diarra (Viry-Châtillon, France)
Moussa Koïta-Gros (Saint-Nazaire, France)
José Rui Mendy (Caïmans, Dakar)
Victor-Biram Samb (Léon, France)
Isamsi Touré (Boucau-Tarnos, France).
Entraîneur : Jean Marc Foucras

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Cameroun squad not available as yet.

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