Thursday, July 9, 2009

Test Rugby: CAR Development Trophy Begins

This tournament is being held in the West African republic of Togo. The eight teams are all from within the region.

Niger v Benin in Lome (Pool A)
Togo v Mali in Lome (Pool A)

Burkino Faso v Nigeria in Lome (Pool B)
Ghana v Chad in Lome (Pool B)

Niger v Benin
These two teams have never met before.

GWC Rugby Rankings: Africa Table-Does not apply as Benin last played test rugby in 2006.

Prediction: Niger by 40 points

Togo v Mali
Previous Encounter
23.06.2008 Togo 3-0 in Accra (CAR Development Trophy, North B)

GWC Rugby Rankings: Africa Table-Togo 22nd, Mali 24th

Prediction: Togo by 14 points

Burkino Faso v Nigeria
These two teams have never met before

GWC Rugby Rankings: Africa Table-Nigeria 17th, Burkino Faso 20th

Prediction: Nigeria by 21 points.

Ghana v Chad
Previous Encounter
23.06.2008 Ghana 17-8 in Accra (CAR Dev. Trophy, North A)

GWC Rugby Rankings: Africa Table-Ghana 21st, Chad 23rd

Prediction: Ghana by 14 points

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