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Rugby in Africa: CAR Development Trophy Concludes

The final day of the 2009 CAR Development Trophy, South Zone, concludes today in Gaborone, capital of Botswana. Madagascar, the highest seeded team looks like it will lose its placing.

Botswana v Zimbabwe

The Zimbabwe-Botswana game looks to be the final of this tournament. Both go into this game undefeated and there appears to be nothing much between them.

Zimbabwe, without a few of its top players, caused an upset on day by downing the 'Makas' 31-22. They were a little shakey mid-week with a close 14-8 win over Mauritius.

Botswana, playing at their home ground at the University of Botswana, has surprised most with their record so far. They were convincing 16-10 winners over Zambia, whilst they won comfortably 39-17 over Reunion mid-week.

Previous Encounter
Botswana played its first international rugby test match in 1996. On that day there were hammered 130-10 by Zimbabwe in Bulawayo. These two teams have not met since!

GWC Rugby Rankings: Africa Table-Zimbabwe 7th, Botswana 10th

Prediction: Zimbabwe by 10 points


Botswana not available

Zimbabwe Squad
Rocky Gurumani (Old Hararians ) Aged 34
Alfred Sairayi (Old Hararians)
Piet Joubert (Mashonaland Country Districts)
Devon Esbach (Mashonaland Country Districts)
Dimitri Zaverdinos (Mashonaland Country Districts) #
Kyle De Beer (Districts) #
Theo Weale (Old Miltonians) #
Kundai Hatendi (Harare Sports Club) #
Costa Dinha Aged 31 (possibly captain)
Moses Makiwa (Old Miltonians) #
Prayer Chitenderu (Old Hararians)
Norman Mukondiwa (Matabeleland Province)
Jacques Leitao (Mashonaland Country Districts)
Njabulo Ndlovu (Mashonaland Country Districts) # Still at school (Prince Edward School)

Gardner Nechironga (Polokwane, South Africa)
Tapiwa Mafi (Old Hararians) #
Gary Hewitt (Mashonaland Country Districts)
Tichafara Makwanya (Old Hararians) #
Bernard Mukondiwa (Old Miltonians) #
Paul Staak (Matabeleland Province)
Daniel Hondo (Hurtpury RFC, England)
Jafet Ndebele (Old Hararians) #
Lloyd Machanjaira (Old Miltonians) #
Tafadzwa Mhende (Harare Sports Club)
# New Caps

Head Coach: Brendan Dawson

Madagascar v Reunion

Madagascar should win this game but they will be ruing their loss to Zimbabwe on day 1.

Previous Encounters
These two teams first met back in 1995. My records show a 33-9 win to Reunion on that day. Since then Madagascar has been on a much higher African rugby stage. I expect Madagascar to win easily.

GWC Rugby Rankings: Africa Table-Madagascar 8th, Reunion 15th

Prediction: Madagascar by 50 points


Madagascar Squad
Vonjiniaina Marson Andriamananjara (COSFA)
Nirina Jacquis Bayard (Iarivo RC)
Haja Jean-Marc Fiarana (Iarivo RC)
Fabiola Derossant Fiavota (Iarivo RC)
Andrianavalona Bienvenu Mananjarasoa (Iarivo RC)
Jacquot Hary Nirina (TAM Anosibi)
Dimbiniaina Jean-Willy Rabemananjara (3FB)
Edmond Rija Rakotoarimanana (3FB)
Sidonie Lantoniaina Rakotoarisoa (3FB)
Benjamina Mandimby Rakotoarivelo (US Ankadifotsy)
Jean Félix Rakotoarivelo (US Ankadifotsy)
Mboazafy Noé Rakotoarivelo (Capt.) (COSFA)
Mario Rakotomalala (US Ankadifotsy)
Fenohery Andriambininjato Rakotondrazaka (FTA)
Jean de Dieu Rakotonirina (3FB)
Antonio Gontran Rakotozanany (TAM Anosibi)
Herilaza Ramanoelina (Iarivo RC)
Tolotra Ratsimba Ramaromiantso (3FB)
Herman Ibrahim Randrianiaina (Iarivo RC)
Tahina Herizo Randrianarisoa (3FB)
Toussaint Boniface Rabearilala (Iarivo RC)
Tina Nirina Ravelomanantsoa (Iarivo RC)

3FB = Ministère de la Santé et du Planning Familial
COSFA = Club Omnisports des Forces Armées

Reunion Squad
Pascal Agro (Chaudron)
Ludovic Claude (Chaudron)
Sylvain Defvergnes (Saint-Pierre)
Cédric Efflame (Saint-Paul)
Nicolas Frapese (Saint-Pierre)
Jérôme Gauthier (Chaudron)
Lazare Hoarau (XV Dionysien)
Marcel Hoareau (Chaudron)
William Hoareau (Chaudron)
Ulrich Lamour (Saint-Paul)
Bruno Lechnig (Saint-Pierre)
Frédéric Lechnig (Saint-Pierre)
Quentin Llouquet (Saint-Paul)
Jérémy Orélie (Saint-Paul)
Bruno Palace (Saint-Paul)
François Ribière (Saint-Paul)
Johan Rivière (Chaudron)
Patrice Rosa (Saint-Paul)
David Scheller (Saint-Pierre)
Eric Shapaz (La Montagne)
Willy Sinivassin (Etang-Salé)
Cédric Tiburce (Saint-Paul)
Christel Vocher (Saint-Paul)
Laurent Wolter (Saint-Pierre)
Encadrement : Bernard Charreyre, Didier Adekalom et Yves Russier

Mauritius v Zambia

It's not been a happy tournament for Zambia. They surprisingly lost to hosts Botswana 10-16 on day 1 and then found a tough Madagascan side too strong mid-week.

Mauritius defeated their island neighbour Reunion 10-9 on day 1, and then pushed Zimbabawe 8-14 mid-week for a very respectable record.

There may not be much between these two teams who have never met before.

GWC Rugby Rankings: Africa Table-Zambia 11th, Mauritius 14th.

Prediction: Zambia by 5 points.


Mauritius Squad
Romain Lamusse
Gauthier Ozoux
Cédric Poché
David Gervel
Nicolas Dupavillon
Jérôme Ritter
Jérôme Ferrat
Nicholas Margéot
Amédée Maingard
Jean-François Marie
Herbert Couacaud
Fabien Rivalland
Jean Edgar de Ravel
Denis Claude Pilot
Christophe Rousset
Yohan de Coriolis
Daniel Maigrot
Robert Boullé
Patrice François
Sacha Descroizilles
Thomas Maujean
Alexandre Jouan
Léopold Le Guen
Fabien Sauzier

Coaches: Bernard Castelin, Alain Lastécoueres.

Zambian Squad
Ali Bhuka, Macgiven Muchindu, Simon Kapindu, Michelo Sheleni, Norman Sibanda, Boyd Nyirenda, Dany Kabila, Ephraim Musukwa, Nigel Chibwe, Nicton Mwape, Edwin Zulu, Macmanus Musonda, Mwila Chileshe and Tom Chaloba. Nickson Silwimba, Grant Mwila, Isaac Munganga, Chancy Mulama, Jonathan Gondwe, Brian Chansa, Ceasar Mutesha, John Mulenga, Alex Mwila and Kabwe Musonda.
Head Coach: Happy Chipili

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