Monday, July 20, 2009

Test Rugby Results Saturday 18 July

New Zealand 22, Australia 17 in Auckland (Bledisloe Cup; Tri Nations)
Samoa 73, Papua New Guinea 12 in Port Moresby (WCQ Oc. R2; 2nd leg)
Niger 5, Ghana 3 in Tsevie (CAR Develop. Trophy, North: Final)
Burkino Faso 7, Togo 5 in Tsevie (CAR Dev. Trophy, North: Playoff 3rd-4th)
Nigeria 5, Mali 0 in Tsevie (CAR Develop. Trophy, North: Playoff 5th-6th)
Benin 29, Togo ‘B’ 0 in Tsevie (CAR Dev. Trophy, North: Playoff 7th-8th)

A good win to New Zealand over Australia started the Tri Nations series. I could help but think the atmosphere at Eden Park didn't come near the atmosphere in Pretoria for the Lions' second test against South Africa. Is the Tri Nations dying?

Samoa recorded a very predictable win in Port Moresby which sees them automatically qualify for the 2011 Rugby World Cup. In Africa, Niger won the CAR Development North Trophy for 2009.


  1. "Dying" seems like a strong word. But a tri-nations game is hardly a special occasion, especially now that the tournament has gone to 6 games/team. The deciding match of a series that occurs once ever twelve years SHOULD elicit a more excited crowd.

    Besides, when was it ever expected of a New Zealand crowd (especially an Auckland one) to be particularly raucous.

  2. Hi Alan

    I just could feel the ocassion of that test match in Pretoria. It was fantastic. Having lived most of my life in Auckland, you are right, it is hardly raucous, but I have seen a number of stirring contest there, either for the Ranfurly shield or at test matches. Christchurch and Dunedin would feel that 'raucous' would sit well with their stadiums.
    I just feel the Tri Nations is not going anywhere.
    I'd like to see 3 tests tours back for Australia, NZ and South Africa, rotating as per the Lions.

  3. I agree that the tours are a lot more dramatic and interesting to follow. New Zealanders and South Africans will have much more vivid memories of the 1996 tour or the 1939 tour (or was it '49?) than of whatever might have happened in the 2000 Tri-Nations.

  4. The 1949 NZ tour to South Africa and the 1956 SA tour to NZ were dramatic indeed and rest in the memories of both Kiwis and South Africans.
    1949 because S.Africa cleaned the Kiwis up 4-0, and 1956 because the Kiwis got their 'revenge' with that Peter Jones try at Eden Park, and won the series 3-1.
    1956 at Eden Park was FULL of drama. SA could draw the series, or NZ could win it,standing room only (no ticket sales)and a late NZ try by Peter Jones clinched the game and the series for NZ.
    Also, Eden Park 1981, NZ v South Africa. Man, I was there for that test and that WAS FULL of drama, outside as much as inside!
    Protesters v Police outside the ground, NZ v S.Africa inside the ground, and protesters dropping flour bombs from a light aircraft that buzzed the ground for the entire match. It was scarey and exciting all in one. The crowd had no idea what was happening outside the ground until the end of the game (won by a late penalty goal by Alan Hewson)when we left the stadium. Outside was like a battle field. The street outside the ground, Waletrs Ave, was the scene of the most vicious battles ever staged on the streets of NZ. It was like a war zone and to say we were shocked was an understatement.
    So, perhaps for the wrong reasons, 1981 is lasting in the memories.