Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Apologies

I haven't been able to update this blog this last week due to ill health. I appear to be on the mend, so hopefully I can do some updates this weekend.

Remember, the brother of this site is the Rugby International data web site,


  1. Hey, hope all is going well. Hope you didn't take my comment last weekend about the lack of info about the Samoa result as an insult directed towards you, especially in light of your health. (An insult directed towards the IRB and the press, yes.)

  2. Much better thanks Alan. Hey, no offence taken. It is frustrating getting results in from overseas, especially the places off the beaten track. And that's the rugby that interests me just as much as a Lions v South Africa game. I'd be just as happy sitting in the stadium in Apia, or Port Moresby, as I would at Twickenham or Newlands. I'll tell you where I look for results from those out-of-the-way places.
    Try if you don't already visit.