Friday, May 8, 2009

Test Rugby: Israel v Slovenia

Slovenia v Israel in Netanya (WCQ Euro.R1 Playoff)

These two teams meet in a World Cup 2011 knockout clash. Both have won their respective FIRA-AER Division 3 pools at this the halfway stage. Last season Slovenia defeated Israel 17-5 at home when they were both in ENC 3C.

Slovenia were promoted to Division 3 from 3C in 2008. They bounced into the competition and defeated Hungary, one of the pool favourites, 32-26. They then shocked the rugby world as they cleaned up the rest of the Pool with wins over Denmark, Austria and Norway.

Israel has swept all before them in ENC 3C. First up they gained a shock 11-8 win away against favourites Bulgaria. From that point on Israel were going to be the team to beat. Greece, Luxembourg and last Saturday Finland were all swept aside, with the 70-8 win against Finland being a record score for Israel.

Previous Encounters
26.04.2008 Slovenia 17-5 in Ljubliana (ENC 3C)
28.10.2006 Slovenia 28-5 in Netanya (ENC 3C)

The records favour Slovenia. But the way Israel defeated Finland last weekend will make for an interesting contest.

GWC Rugby Rankings: Europe Table-Slovenia 28th, Israel 32nd.

Prediction: Slovenia by 8


15 David Cerar (RK Bežigrad)
14 Marko Gumzej (RK Bežigrad)
13 Goran Jelenčič (RK Bežigrad)
12 Aljaž Kralj Podobnik (RK Ljubjana)
11 Matej Kos (RK Ljubjana)
10 Damjan Ahačič (RK Ljubjana)
9 Urban Magušar (RAK Olimpija)
8 Grega Miljuš (RK Ljubjana)
7 Simon Gombač (RK Bežigrad)
6 Tit Hočevar (Oxford Harlequins, England)
5 Žarko Krsmanovič (RK Ljubjana)
4 Peter Gobec (RK Ljubjana)
3 Miroslav Lazič (RK Ljubjana)
2 Jošt Slapničar (RK Ljubjana)
1 Borut Završan (RAK Olimpija)
16 Luka Miklič (RAK Olimpija)
17 Lovro Sambol (RK Bežigrad)
18 Luka Potnik (RAK Olimpija)
19 Luka Kranjc (RK Ljubjana)
20 David Duh (RAK Olimpija)
21 Pavle Žle (?)
22 Žiga Kosi (?)
Head Coach: Žiga Dobnikar

Israel Team list not available

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