Saturday, May 16, 2009

Test Match: Asia 5 Nations

Hong Kong v Singapore in Hong Kong (Asia 5 Nations)

Venue: Hong Kong Football Club

Two weeks ago I would have confidently predicted that this test match would be a battle between the two weakest teams in this competition. At stake would be a place in next years Asia 5 Nations and the opportunity to qualify for the 2011 Rugby World Cup. Now I'm not so sure.

Last Week Singapore gave Kazahkstan a grand old tussle. The visiting Kazahks only just won 22-19 and the gap between the top teams and the bottom in this competition closed somewhat. At the same time Hong Kong made the comeback of all comebacks, losing 34-36 to Korea after trailing 3-31 at one stage.

Although both these teams do trail this competition their positions as bunnies is no longer true. What is certain is that the loser of this match will have a huge struggle not to be relegated back to Division 1 come the end of May. Hong have a two point advantage thanks to a close game against Korea and scoring 5 tries in the process.

Last Five Encounters
08.05.2006 Hong Kong 26-14 in Singapore (Friendly)
22.05.2004 Hong Kong 47-14 in Singapore (Asia Tournament)
07.02.2002 Hong Kong 57-8 in Hong Kong (Friendly)
05.05.2001 Hong Kong 26-8 in Singapore (Asia Shield)
12.05.2000 Hong Kong 30-6 in ? (Friendly)

Singapore won the first official test match between these two nations 19 - 9 back in 1978. Hong Kong set a world record test win, 164-13 in 1994, when they played Singapore at the 14th Asia Rugby Campionship, staged in Kuala Lumpur.

Recent encounters have favoured Hong Kong, some by wide margins.

GWC Rugby Rankings: Asia Table-Hong Kong 4th, Singapore 5th

Prediction: Hong Kong by 17 points


Hong Kong

15 Mike Mckee (Hong Kong Football Club)
14 Simon Smith (Hong Kong Cricket Club)
13 Rowan Varty (DeA Tigers)
12 Simon Hemple (Hong Kong Cricket Club)
11 Adam Raby (Hong Kong Football Club)
10 Kenzo Pannell (Canterbury University, NZ)
9 Jeff Wong Chun Kui (Kowloon)
8 Simon Leung (Hong Kong Cricket Club)
7 Kwok Ka Chun (Kowloon)
6 Nigel Clarke (DeA Tigers)
5 Nick Hurrell (DeA Tigers
4 Angus Washington (Hong Kong Football Club)
3 Nigel Hobler (Hong Kong Football Club)
2 Jon Abel (DeA Tigers)
1 Peter Spizziri (Hong Kong Football Club)
16 Grapes Lai Tsz Leung (Kowloon)
17 Alex Ng Wai Shing (Valley)
18 Ivan Zenovic (DeA Tigers)
19 Kris Marin (Hong Kong Football Club)
20 Tim Alexander (Valley)
21 Jonny Elliot (Valley)
22 Adam Raby (Hong Kong Football Club)
Head Coach: Dai Rees

Singapore team not available.

For lists of international rugby results by both Singapore and Hong Kong go to

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