Friday, May 8, 2009

Rugby Match: Hong Kong Travels to Seoul

Hong Kong v Korea in Seoul (Asia 5 Nations)

Korea were stunned last weekend after their 27-30 loss to Kazakhstan. That result will have either blunted their confidence or motivated them to bounce back. Hong Kong could be on the receiving end of a backlash. Korea will be far stronger at home.

Hong Kong were defeated by Japan 59-6 last weekend. Their performance will depend on how the bumps and bruises against Japan have healed and how the team travel to Seoul. Although their coach has said Hong Kong's development will take time they need a confidence-boosting performance against the Koreans. At this stage it looks like a Singapore-Hong Kong clash to sort out who is to be relegated out of this competition and out of World Cup contention.

Last Five Encounters
24.05.2008 Korea 50-24 in Hong Kong (Asia 5 Nations)
27.05.2007 Hong Kong 27-20 in Hong Kong (Asia Nations Div.2)
21.11.2006 Korea 23-5 in Hong Kong (WCQ Asia R5; 20th Asia Champ.)
22.05.2005 Korea 51-3 in Hong Kong (WCQ Asia Qualification Div.1)
20.11.2002 Korea 40-17 in Bangkok (18th Asia Championship)

Hong Kong first played Korea in a test match in November 1972, winning 18-6.

GWC Rugby Rankings: Asia Table-Korea 3rd, Hong Kong 4th.

Prediction: Korea by 36 points


Hong Kong
15 Mike Mckee (Hong Kong Football Club)
14 Simon Smith (Hong Kong Cricket Club)
13 Rowan Varty (DeA Tigers)
12 Edmund Rolston (Valley)
11 Adam Raby (Hong Kong Football Club)
10 Kenzo Pannell (Canterbury University, NZ)
9 Jeff Wong Chun Kui (Kowloon)
8 Simon Leung (Hong Kong Cricket Club)
7 Kwok Ka Chun (Kowloon)
6 Nigel Clarke (DeA Tigers)
5 Nick Hurrell (DeA Tigers
4 Ivan Zenovic (DeA Tigers)
3 Nigel Hobler (Hong Kong Football Club)
2 Jon Abel (DeA Tigers)
1 Peter Spizziri (Hong Kong Football Club)
16 Alex Ng Wai Shing (Valley)
17 Grapes Lai Tsz Leung (Kowloon)
18 Fraser Smith (DeA Tigers)
19 Angus Washington (Hong Kong Football Club)
20 Kris Marin (Hong Kong Football Club)
21 Tim Alexander (Valley)
22 Adam Raby (Hong Kong Football Club)
Head Coach: Dai Rees

Korea Squad not available

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