Sunday, May 24, 2009

Test Match: Japan in Singapore

Japan 45, Singapore 15 in Singapore (Asia 5 Nations)


I originally thought this game was on Sunday. Not much more is known only that the game was a lot tighter than many predicted. I'd like to see the Japan team sheet.


Japan has taken the Asia 5 Nations title for 2009 without really being threatened. Singapore has found the step up to this level of international rugby far too difficult and has lost their games mostly by big scores. They did give Kazakhstan a fright when they visited. I suspect Japan will not send their strongest team but will nevertheless prove far too strong for the locals. Iexpect a big score.

Previous Encounters
20.09.1992 Japan XV 120-3 in Hong Kong (13th Asian Champ.)
25.10.1990 Japan XV 80-3 in Colombo (12th Asian Champ.)
13.11.1988 Japan XV 82-0 in Hong Kong (11th Asia Champ.)
25.10.1984 Japan XV 84-6 in Fukuoka (9th Asia Champ.)
04.11.1972 Japan XV 60-4 in Hong Kong (3rd Asia Champ.)

All the above results do is paint a very gloomy picture for Singapore. They have never met the full Japanese team before.

GWC Rugby Rankings: Asia Table-Japan 1st, Singapore 5th

Prediction: Not made in time


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