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All Games Played 07.03.2015

The Caribbean Cup is played for in two divisions. The top division, called the Championship, is played in two Zones; North and South. The second division is called The Cup and is also divided between north and south.

The two Championship winners play off for the final. The last placed side in each Championship zone has to play the winner of their respective Cup winning side.

In 2014 Mexico won by default against Bermuda to move to the Championship. Barbados defeated Curacao 29-0 to retain its place in the Championship. Guyana defeated USA South 30-27 in the final.

USA South v Mexico in Mexico City (Championship, North)

'Transmisión en vivo.

Accede al siguiente  enlace y podrás disfrutar de la transmisión en Vivo del Evento. Inicia 12:30 pm CST

Este sábado ¡Todos a apoyar a las serpientes!'

Referee: David Sherwin (Cayman Islands)

Venue: Universidad Iberoamericana Campus Santa Fe

This will be Mexico’s biggest game to date. Mexico were promoted to the Championship level after Bermuda defaulted their promotion/relegation game last year. This will be a huge step up for the Mexicans.

Mexico caused a bit of a stir when they defeated USA South back in 2011 but lost heavily to the Panthers away back in 2013.

USA South will be champing at the bit following their surprise defeat at home to Guyana in last year’s Caribbean Championship final. Despite playing away and playing at altitude I expect they will just be able to do enough to record a win.

Previous Encounters
19.01.2013 USA South 50-23 in Atlanta (Caribbean Championship, North R1)
09.04.2011 Mexico 25-9 in Mexico City (Caribbean Championship, North R1)

GWC Rugby Rankings do not apply. USA South not included

Prediction: USA South by 7 points. Score 29-22



USA South Squad

Tyler Bishop Tallahassee
Zach Blalock Birmingham
John Bryant Charleston...
Jeff Calvo Charlotte
Irving Carcamo Charlotte
Dana Corcoran University of South Carolina
Casey Davidson University of Georgia
Austin Dozier MTSU
Nathan Driggers University of Georgia
Amro Gouda Charlotte
Jason Hinchman Charlotte
Matt Hughston Charlotte
Charles Leadingham University of Kentucky
Chris Leatherwood Knoxville
Chris Milledge Charlotte
Alejandro Ospina Charlotte
Andrew Perkins Birmingham
Cole Schanilec UNCW
Chris Sigmund Charleston
Brendan Smith Birmingham
Calvin Storey Columbia
Ben Winiarczyk Tallahassee
David Winiarczyk Old White

Robert Busbee University of South Carolina
Austin Grant Valdosta State U
Kyle Hudson Chattanooga
Stephen Johnson Raleigh
James Mathews Troy University
Leith McGuire Columbia
Scott Terrell Montgomery
Brandon Ward Charlotte


Mexico Squad Unavailable

Barbados v Guyana in Georgetown (Championship, South)

Roger Perreira's photo.

Venue: The Guyana National Stadium, Providence

Referee: Miles McIvor (USA)

Guyana will be particularly strong at home. Last year they won, against expectations, against USA South in the final in the USA.

Other Previews

Previous Encounters
17.05.2014 Guyana 48-19 in Bridgetown (Championship South)
18.05.2013 Guyana 19-17 in Georgetown (Championship South, R2)
19.05.2012 Drawn 10-10 in Bridgetown (WCQ America; Champ, South R1)
11.06.2011 Guyana 20-7 in Georgetown (Championship, South R3)
08.08.2005 Barbados 27-17 in Georgetown (WCQ America; Championship)

There is a long rugby history between these two nations going back to the mid 1960’s when Guyana was known as British Guiana.

GWC Rugby Rankings
NACRA Table: Guyana 6th, Barbados 8th

Prediction: Guyana to win by 14 points. Score 32-18


guyana logo

Guyana Squad
Claudius Butts, Ryan Gonsalves, Kevon David, Joesph Rahaman, Allain Crawford, Cyon Kitt, Avery Corbin, Rickford Cummings, Theodore Henry, Richard Staglon, Phabion Joseph, Rondell McArthur, Peabo Hamilton, Godfrey Broomes, Jose Felicien, Jamal Angus, Akeem Fraser, Jason Tyrell, Dwayne Schroeder, Leon Greaves, Lancelot Adonis, Jermaine Prowell, Grantley Williams, Troy Bascom, Blaise Bailey, Delroy Gordon and Ronald Mayers.

Head Coach: Theodore Henry



Name                                   Date of Birth                Club
Nico Jason Alexander Blunt 10/07/1992                 (Scorpions RFC)
Jermaine Jamal Bynoe         02/06/1987                 (Tridents RFC)
Kevin Jamal Carter               21/09/1989                  (Renegades RFC)
Jerrin Akeen Clarke             11/10/1993                 (Emperors RFC)
Kevin D.A.Cobham               24/01/1992                  (Scorpions RFC
Bryan M.A. Cummings          04/02/1992                 (Scorpions RFC)
Ramon Mc Donald Downes  08/08/1987                  (Renegades RFC)
Raj Keyeuteyen S Edwards 10/02/1989                 (Scorpions RFC)
Anthony R.H. Faggiani         07/07/1986                  (?)
Neil Grantley Forde             04/03/1987                 (Scorpions RFC)
Jamal Omar Gonsalves        10/26/1988                 (Renegades RFC)
Troy Anderson Grant            28/02/1982                  (Tridents RFC)
Caston Henderson Howard  09/21/1986                 (?)
Le-andro Leo Jordan            09/02/1987                  (Tridents RFC)
Romeo James L Mayers      18/01/1980                 (Tridents RFC)
Stephen H.E Millar               12/01/1981                 (Scorpions RFC)
Greg Andre Moseley-Clarke 22/10/1978                 (Renegades RFC)
Kevin Cedric A Murrell          22/12/1989                  (Scorpions RFC)
Tahaire Shabazz Niels         09/03/1989                   (Renegades RFC)
Kenneth A Payne                01/04/1970                  (Renegades RFC) Age 44
Daniel Patrick A Ramsey     14/07/1994                  (Emperors RFC)
Dario Ricardo Stout              14/09/1992                  (?)
Shane Kevin B Taylor          17/06/1995                  (Scorpions RFC)
Mikyle Forde Walcott            02/06/1996                 (Emperors RFC) Age 18

Thanks to Kenneth Payne, Barbados RFU

Turks and Caicos Islands v Bermuda in Hamilton (Cup, North)

'Calling all Turks and Caicos Islanders in Bermuda!

Get out and support the TCI next Saturday at the Bermuda National Stadium against Bermuda'

Venue: National Sports Centre

Referee: Ryan Hinckson (Guyana)

This will be a tough assignment for the visitors. They suffered at the hands of Mexico away last season. Mexico replaced Bermuda who were relegated to the Cup level. There was not a great deal between Mexico and Bermuda when they met last season.

Bermuda, on home soil, will be out to make the point that they should be at the Championship level. They are confident that for the first time in three years they have a full squad.

These two nations have never met before in a rugby test match.

Other Previews

GWC Rugby Rankings
NACRA Table: Bermuda 5th, Turks and Caicos Islands 16th

Prediction: Bermuda too strong to win by 70 points. Score 78-8



Turks and Caicos Islands squad not available


Bermuda Squad

Adam Richards
Aldo Campbell
Bennet Gibson
Chris Stafford
Conor McGlynn
Darren Richardson
Dustin Archibald
Jahan Cedenio
Mike Williams
Paul Dobinson
Peter Dunkerley
Richard Howells
Roedolf van der Westhuizen
Thomas Greenslade

Dan Cole
Dunferd Davis
John Quigley
Nigel Burgess
Paddy Calow
Richard Cumbers
Steven Husbands
Thomas Edwards
Tom Healy

St Vincent & Grenadines v Curacao in Wilhelmstadt (Cup, South)

Venue: Blue Bay Curacao Golf and Beach Resort

Referee: Toño Magallanes (Mexico)

Comments from Arthur Hogesteger (Curacao RFU). Edited

Our main players are Robert Perry, player coach and fly-half, Curtleyson Martis, winger and top try scorer for curacao. He will be the first player to reach 10 full international caps for Curacao, as rugby is only played since 2009. Veteren Marius van Noord will lead the pack, he is expected to dominate in the line-outs.There are two new caps with Eelco ten Molder on the flank as the rising star.

Our expectations is that the Cup Pool South will be tough this year. St Vincent brought in a coach from outside to build their team, and with St Lucia and BVI in a close game last weekend. We look forward to close and exiting games. We do hope to be able to play a promotion/relegation game versus either Barbados/Trinidad Tobago/Guyana in September 2015.

Matches Ahead
7 March Curacao - St Vincent
11 April Curacao - St Lucia
2 May BVI - Curacao

Previous Encounters
07.06.2014 Curacao 19-12 in Arnos Vale (Cup, South)
12.01.2013 Curacao 37-24 in Wilhelstadt (Championship, South R1)

GWC Rugby Rankings
NACRA Table: Curacao 11th, St Vincent and Grenadines 15th

Prediction: Curacao by 12 points. Score 30-18



St Vincent and Grenadines

Player                          Date of Birth      Club Affiliation
Brian Alexander       08/15/1994          Town Sharks
Kimran  Barnum       4/10/1988            Country Pirates
Seymour Browne     01/01/1975         Town Sharks (Age 40)
Rasheed Campbell   08/10/1994         Town Sharks
Gilan Comas                7/6/1989             Town Sharks
Recardo Dallaway     2/11/1983           Town Sharks
Dellon Durrant         11/03/1994          Country Pirates
Kemi Francois             10/25/85             Town Sharks
Jonathan Franklyn     5/31/1992          Town Sharks
Guy Hadley                  8/19/1979           Town Sharks (Age 35)
Kenmore Kit Horne   5/13/1989          Country Pirates
Dugal James                4/24/1981           Canouan All Blacks
Antony Joseph           9/7/1984             Country Pirates
George Kruger          6/26/1994            Country Pirates
Anizo Lewis                 4/9/1985             Country Pirates
Godfrey Matthews    8/15/1988         Leeward Unrulies
Leonard Matthews   12/06/1985       Leeward Unrulies
Benson Nanton        7/17/1997             Leeward Unrulies (Age 17)
Andrew Phillips (C)    9/14/1986          Country Pirates
Richardo Roberts    11/01/1995           Town Sharks
Justin Tittle                  8/4/1983             Town Sharks
Kemron  Thomas       02/16/1990        Town Sharks
Head Coach: Mark Winder

Adapted from email thanks to Valerie Pelletier Acting Secretary
St Vincent and Grenadines RFU

Adapted from email thanks to Valerie Pelletier Acting Secretary
St Vincent and Grenadines RFU



1-Glenno Fransman
2-Edel Calmes
3-Carlos Hernandez
4-Eelco te Molder (new cap)
5-Marius van Noort
6-Paulo de Sousa Feirra (captain)
7-Emanuel Koenders
8-Junnyfer Fidanque
9-Oscar Abril-Bonthuis
10-Robert Perry (player coach)
11-Curtleyson Martis (first player for curacao to reach 10 caps)
12-Derk Sonnenberg
13-Arlito dos Passos
14-Jedrick Magdalena
15-Charlie Dekker
16-Arthur Hogesteger
17-Mark Verburg
18-Varley Felipa (new cap)
19-Duran Sikkerlad
20-Erik Linsen
21-Ulrich Tomasa
22-Lando Pieters
23-Jerwien Maduro

Coach: Jay Solley
Team Manager: Maarten Aalbers

Thanks to Arthur Hogesteger, Curacao RFU

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