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Referee: Inaki Atonasagasti (Spain)

MOLDOVA 4 3 0 1 144 66 78 3 15
POLAND 3 2 0 1 63 73 -10 1 9
BELGIUM 2 2 0 0 48 31 17 0 8
NETHERLANDS 3 1 0 2 47 42 5 2 6
UKRAINE 3 1 0 2 70 54 16 1 5
SWEDEN 3 0 0 3 25 131 -106 0 0

The question is what sort of Moldovan team will travel to Brussels. Two weeks ago, without a number of top players, Moldova were defeated by Netherlands in Amsterdam. Another loss like that and Moldova’s chances of promotion to Division 1A could well be compromised.

The article in Moldovan below says these top players should appear; Oleg Prepeliță, Dumitru Arhip, Andrei Mahu, Veaceslav Titică, Vadim Cobîlaș and Maxim Cobîlaș.Victor Arhip will not be there.If the above are included Moldova could well have a very competitive side in Brussels.

Belgium remains undefeated in this division and looks to be the form team. Moldova is also one of the favoured teams. This will be a big challenge for Belgium.

Last Five Encounters
10.03.2012 Belgium 17-16 in Chisinau (ENC 1B)
12.02.2011 Belgium 20-5 in Brussels (ENC 1B)
31.10.2009 Belgium 14-3 in Brussels (WCQ Europe R4; ENC 2A)
16.11.2008 Moldova 20-8 in Chisinau (WCQ Europe R4; ENC 2A)
12.04.2008 Belgium 22-19 in Chisinau (ENC 2A)

Moldova Last Five P 5, W 3, L 2
28.02.2015 v Netherlands L 10-18 in Amsterdam (REC 1B)
22.11.2014 v Sweden W 57-8 in Chisinau (REC 1B)
15.11.2014 v Poland W 48-25 in Chisinau (REC 1B)
08.11.2014 v Ukraine W 29-15 in Chisinau (REC 1B)
26.04.2014 v Czech Republic L 19-37 in Prague (WCQ Europe R5; ENC 1B)

Belgium Last Five P 5, W 2, L 3
21.02.2015 v Netherlands W 23-21 in Amsterdam (REC 1B)
15.11.2014 v Ukraine W 25-10 in Irpin (REC 1B)
15.03.2014 v Russia L 20-34 in Brussels (WCQ Europe R5; ENC 1A)
08.03.2014 v Romania L 10-29 in Iasi (WCQ Europe R5; ENC 1A)
22.02.2014 v Portugal L 6-19 in Brussels (WCQ Europe R5; ENC 1A)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table: Belgium 12th, Moldova 15th

World Rugby Ranking Points
Belgium 55.58, Moldova 55.38

Prediction: Belgium by 3 points




1.Julien Massimi (Arras), 2.Thomas Dienst (Lille), 3.Alain Miriallakis (Kansas City Blues), 4.Bertrand Billi (Soignies), 5.Mathieu Verschelden (Romans), 6.Maxime Temmerman (ASUB), 7.Baptiste Lescarboura (Kituro), 8.Thomas De Molder (Pau), 9.Kevin Williams (ASUB), 10.Sébastien Guns (ROC Ottignies), 11.Dirk Haghedooren (Agde), 12.Nathan Bontems (Racing Metro), 13.Charles Reynaert (Kituro), 14.Savenaca Vocea (Dendermonde), 15.Alan Williams (Cognac)
Remplaçants : 16.Max Dubois (Soignies), 17.Christophe Debaty (RFC Liégeois), 18.Maxime Jadot (Lille), 19.Brieuc Frateur (La Hulpe), 20.Michael De Molder (Boitsfort), 21.Guillaume Brébant (Frameries), 22.Pablo Francisco Villar (La Hulpe), 23.Tom Cocqu (US Bressane)

Staff : Guillaume Ajac (entraîneur principal), Philippe Ebel (entraîneur des avants), Simon Leader (analyste vidéo), Marc Jourdaine (préparateur physique), Lucas Giacomino (kiné), Arnaud Libert (kiné), Laurent Simar (médecin)



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