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The 2011 CONSUR B tournament takes place in the next week in Lima, Peru. The competing teams are Peru (hosts and winners last year), Costa Rica, Venezuela and Colombia. At the same time under 18 age group teams from the same countries will compete.

Costa Rica v Peru

Costa Rica is the minnow in this competition. They first entered the competition in 2006 but were completely outclassed. That was followed by a three year rebuilding phase and they re entered the competition in 2009. They struggled again and it is gratifying to see them persist at the international test match level.

Hosts Peru should have little difficulty with the Costa Ricans.

Previous Encounters
30.10.2010 Peru 61-5 in Medellin (CONSUR B)
05.12.2009 Peru 47-8 in La Guacima (CONSUR B)
20.10.2006 Peru 31-3 in Caracas (CONSUR B)

GWC Rugby Rankings
CONSUR Table-Peru 6th, Costa Rica 9th

IRB Ranking points do not apply.

Prediction: Peru by 48



Peru Squad
Jonathan Bedoya Alessi (Universitario Agraria RC)
Daniel Cino Barreda (Flaming Lions RC)
Jose Luis Garcia Beyer (Flaming Lions RC)
Sergio Charlo Bustamante (Universitario Agraria RC)
Martin Leon Calle (Alpamayo RC)
Sebastián Velarde-Alvárez Clark (Universitario Lima RC)
Mirko Kovacic Goñi (Flaming Lions RC)
Esteban Salmón Hernández (Alpamayo RC)
Jose Diego Ruiz Huidobro (Old Markhamians RC)
Luis Tejeda León (Universitario Lima RC)
Giovani Lu Lopez (Alpamayo RC)
Arturo Coral Mogollón (Universitario Lima RC)
Jorge O´Hara Ordoñez (Alumni RC)
Augusto Sotomayor Gonzalez-Otolla (Alumni RC)
Jean Paul Michael Aramayo Poma (Old Markhamians RC)
Gianfranco Barreto Portocarrero (Flaming Lions RC)
Gustavo Martínez Raya (Old Markhamians RC)
Arturo Vivanco Rivas (Universitario Agraria RC)
André Urquieta Ruíz (Old Markhamians RC)
Paolo Urquieta Ruíz (Universitario Agraria RC)
Robin Nieto Solis (Old Markhamians RC)
Jorge Abugattas Sologuren (Flaming Lions RC)
Miguel Angel Garces Vam-Heurck (Alumni RC)
Angel Martin Venegas (Flaming Lions RC)
José María Pareja Vivanco (USIL RC)
Augusto Robles Zanelli (Universitario Lima RC)
Head Coach: Stéphane Brusset

Adapted from and special thanks to ‘Quentin’ from who does an amazing job on this forum to search and post team lists. Much appreciated ‘Q’.


Costa Rica squad not yet available

Colombia v Venezuela

Venezuela reasserting its dominance over their neighbours at last years CONSUR B tournament. Prior to that Venezuela had been mostly ahead of Clombia going back to 2001. Certainly Colombia’s standards have improved. It should be a close tussle.

Last Five Encounters
30.10.2010 Venezuela 28-26 in Medellin (CONSUR B)
05.12.2009 Colombia 34-0 in La Guacima (CONSUR B)
21.06.2008 Venezuela 32-15 in Ascuncion (WCQ America; CONSUR B)
04.11.2007 Colombia 33-13 in Lima (CONSUR B)
16.10.2006 Colombia 25-20 in Caracas (CONSUR B)

These two teams first met in 2001. Venezuela winning 55-0 in Caracas

GWC Rugby Rankings
CONSUR Table-Venezuela 7th, Colombia 8th

IRB Ranking Points
Venezuela 42.88, Colombia 41.73

Prediction: Venezuela by 4 points


Colombia Squad
Juan Arango (Petirrojos RC)
Pablo Arboleda (Carneros RC)
Manuel Correa (Gatos RC)
Andres Espinosa (Gatos RC)
Fausto Garcés (Renos Bellos RC)
Sebastian Gil (Universita Nacional)
Jose Gomez (Gatos RC)
Carlos Hoyos (Petirrojos RC)
Juan Mejia (Gatos RC)
Juan Mena (Gatos RC)
Carlos Montoya (Gatos RC)
Jhon Moreno (Gatos RC)
Oscar Ortiz (Duendes RC)
Juan Pamplona (Gatos RC)
Daniel Perez | melé (Carneros RC)
Emanuel Pulgarín | apertura (Gatos RC)
Juan Ramirez (Carneros RC)
Mario Restrepo (Gatos RC)
Duverney Rodriguez (Aguilas Bacaramanga RC)
Ferney Rodriguez (Gatos RC)
Carlos Restrepo (Gatos RC)
Janny Suaza (Gatos RC)
Jesus Triana (Aguilas Bacaramanga RC)
Santiago Martinez (Gatos RC)

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Venezuela Squad not available

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