Saturday, August 6, 2011


South America XV v Argentina in San Juan (Non-Test friendly)

Venue: San Juan Bicentennial Stadium

Referee: Javier Mancuso (Argentina)

This is not the first time a South American rugby team has been assembled. Back in the days of the apartheid system in South Africa, Argentina could only tour under the name of ‘South America’ as the Argentine government refused to sanction such a tour. Those teams of the eighties did include players from Uruguay and Chile.

Even though it’s not a test match it is refreshing to see players from CONSUR B nations in this combined side, Peru, Colombia and Venezuela being represented.

This international rugby game has not been recognised by Argentina as a full test match. Test ‘caps’ will not be awarded. Argentina is using this game as part of their 2011 Rugby World Cup preparations. Players Alvaro Galindo and Juan Manuel Leguizamon are out with injury. By the bench list I’d expect there to be a fair number of replacements used which may work in favour of the invitation side.

Even with a spattering of Argentine players I’d expect the South American XV to be outclassed in the end.

Prediction: Argentina by 40 points.


South American XV Squad
Felipe Aranguren (Argentina)
Joseph Basile (Argentina)
Felipe Brangier (Chile)
Sebastian Velarde-Alvarez Clark (Peru)
Matías Cabrera (Chile)
Emiliano Coria (Argentina
Mula De Rodolfo (Uruguay)
Francisco Deformes (Chile)
Lucas Rodrigues Duque (Brazil)
Julio César Henrique Figal (Brazil)
Jose Manuel Goddess Gomez (Colombia)
Juan Cruz Guillemain (Argentina)
Leandro Leiva (Uruguay)
Lisandro Gomez Lopez (Argentina)
Fernando Luna (Argentina)
Benjamin Madero (Argentina)
Gaston Mieres (Uruguay)
Santiago Méndez (Argentina)
Ignacio Pasman (Argentina)
Luis Alfredo Zamora Petit (Venezuela)
Alberto Román (Uruguay)
Hugo Schierano (Argentina)
Figueredo Schwerter (Paraguay)
Germain Suazo (Chile)

Adapted from


1- Marcos Ayerza
2- Mario Ledesma
3- Juan Figallo
4- Mariano Galarza
5- Patricio Albacete
6- Genaro Fessia
7- Alejandro Campos
8- Juan Martín Fernández Lobbe
9- Nicolás Vergallo
10- Felipe Contepomi (capitán)
11- Juan Imhoff
12- Santiago Fernández
13- Marcelo Bosch
14- Horacio Agulla
15- Lucas González Amorosino.
16- Andrés Bordoy
17- Martín Scelzo
18- Eusebio Guiñazú
19- Martín Rodríguez
20- Rafael Carballo
21- Gabriel Ascárate
22- Leonardo Senatore
23- Nicolás Sánchez
24- Alfredo Lalanne
25- Julio Farías Cabello
26- Santiago Guzmán
27- Lucas Borges
28- Agustín Gosio
29- Maximiliano Bustos
30- Tomás Vallejos.

Head Coach: Santiago Phelan.

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