Sunday, June 5, 2011

CARIBBEAN RUGBY CHAMPIONSHIP: North Finalist Rests With Bermuda and Mexico

Bermuda v Mexico in Mexico City (NACRA Caribbean Champ.,North R3)

Venue: Camp Locker Burros Blancos IPN Zacatenco campus


Mexico needs to win this match by 9 points or more to make the final. Bermuda needs any win or a draw to proceed. A lot is resting upon the outcome of this match.

Bermuda has three distinct disadvantages going into this vital test match. The first is playing away from home. They had a home win against Bahamas but must now play their second game away. That is always a disadvantage at this level of test rugby. Secondly, altitude. Mexico City is a lot higher in altitude than what any of the Bermudians will be used to. It may not end up being a factor but to play a full 80 minutes of altitude takes some getting used to. Thirdly they will be without their head coach and a few key players unable to travel due to ‘the disorganisation of organisers NACRA’, whatever that might mean.

The full preview here…

Perhaps watch the game live (not sure)

This is the first time these two teams have met in 15’s men’s test rugby

So Far
30.04.2011 Bermuda 13, Bahamas 10 in Hamilton, Bermuda
28.05.2011 Bahamas 17, Mexico 12 in Nassau

GWC Rugby Rankings
NACRA Table-Bermuda 5th, Mexico 8th

Prediction: Bermuda by 4 points

bermuda[1]  mexico

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