Wednesday, June 22, 2011


The only change from last year’s Division 3 is that China was relegated from Division 2. Although Pakistan finished last year they remained in Division 3 and even host this tournament. For this year there will definitely be a team relegated to Division 4 for 2012.

China v Indonesia

These two teams have never met in a rugby test before.

GWC Rugby Rankings
Asia Table-China 14th, Indonesia 17th

Prediction: China by 21 points

Pakistan v Guam

These two teams have met once before. Pakistan winning 27-22 in Manilla in 2006.

GWC Rugby Rankings
Asia Table-Pakistan 15th, Guam 16th

Prediction: Pakistan by 7 points



Guam Squad







Back Row (Left to right): Matthew Sablan, Carlos Eustaquio, Pete Calori (non-travelling reserve), Matthew Toves, Dean Kaio (Asst. Coach in back), Leonard Calvo, Basil O'Mallan, Tony Terlaje Gilbert, Zeb Howser, Brandon O'Mallan, Rob Leon Guerrero, Sixto Quintanilla, Brian Ramiro, John Arceo, Coach Willie Hetaraka, Ryan McManus, Guam Rugby President Stephen Grantham

Front Row: Eddie Calvo, Randy Mendiola, Art Toves, Robbie Leon Guerrero, Paul Claros (Captain), Steven Sablan, Stephen Santos, Paul Eustaquio, Gerard Aguon, Vern Lokeijack (non-travelling reserve) and thanks to ‘Quentin’ at

Pakistan Squad

Abu Baker, Adnan Saeed Niazi, Ahmed Mumtaz, Anwaar-Ul-Haq, Zafar, Arsalan, Zahid, Babar Muhammad, Kawar Ashraf, Khalid Mahmood, Muhammad Ali, Muhammad Manan Naseem, Omer Shafqaat, Salman Majeed Wain, Shakeel Ahmed, Umer Islam, Umer Usman, Shahbaz Munir, Imad Nasir, Mansoor Rehan, Shuaib Aftab, Javed, Sair, Riaz, Saqib Murtza, Haroon Jahanzeb Durrani and Amrez Hamid

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