Saturday, June 25, 2011

CAR RUGBY: Division 1C

The relegation 3rd-4th place playoff in this division will be between Zambia and Botswana. Botswana lost 12-30 to Senegal Wednesday, whilst Zambia just lost 10-12 to hosts Cameroun. On those results Zambia would be favoured to push Botswana down to CAR Division 1D for 2012.

Botswana v Zambia in Younde (CAR Div.1C, Playoff 3rd-4th)

Previous Encounters
03.07.2010 Zambia 27-14 in Bulawayo (Africa Cup, Pool C; Playoff 3rd-4th)
20.07.2009 Botswana 16-10 in Gaborone (CAR Development Trophy; South)
09.04.2005 Zambia 28-24 in Lusaka (WCQ Africa Rnd 1A, South)
07.08.2002 Botswana 32-19 in Gaborone (CAR, South 2)
27.07.2002 Zambia 37-17 in Lusaka (Friendly)

The history of test rugby matches between these two nations certainly see-saw, with neither side dominating over the last ten years.

GWC Rugby Rankings
Africa Table-Zambia 11th, Botswana 12th

IRB Ranking Points
Zambia 39.97, Botswana 38.17

Prediction: Zambia by 8 points.



Zambia (Squad that played v Cameroun)

Nigel Chibwe, Evans Simpemba, Kelvin Kampandu, Edward Mumba, Daniel Sakala, Ephraim Musukwa, Alex Mwila (All Arrows), Danny Kabila ( Buffaloes), Thadius Chipoya, Tom Chaloba (Both Green Eagles).

Ali Bika, Musonda Chileshe, Chancy Mulama, Ernest Mwansa, Michelo Shelleni (All Powerhouse Lusaka).

John Kabwela, Mwila Chileshe, Patrick Chanda, Benaya Mukwamba, Chunzi Sikazwe, Musonda Kabwe (All Diggers), Hopeman Kanamina (Ndola Wanderers). ... leId=21297


Botswana squad not available

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