Saturday, October 10, 2009

Test Rugby: Lithuania Should Win

Andorra v lithuania in Šiauliai (ENC 3A)

Venue: Centriniame Stadione

Referee: Pikhovkin (Russia)

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Lithuania has been riding a grand high since qualifying for the next round of World Cup qualifiers. A sensation 6-3 win over a higher-ranked Netherlands in May saw the Lithuanians celebrate on the streets of Riga well into the night. Well, if they didn't then they should have.

Lithuania's main problem in this match is going to be motivation.

Andorra arrives in Lithuania with only a squad of twenty, which has been their norm when they travel.

2009 Andorra Team
Andorra Faces an uphill battle with only 20 players. Image thanks to

Previous Encounters
08.11.2008 Lithuania 26-10 in Andorra La Vela (WCQ Europe R2; ENC 3A)
19.10.1996 Andorra 54-24 in Andorra La Vela (WCQ Europe Pool 3, Rnd A)

GWC Rugby Rankings: Europe Table-Lithuania 18th, Andorra 26th

Prediction: Lithuania by 40 points


Andorra Logo

15. Roger Fité
14. Alexandre Ballesta
13. Bonaventura Gaset
12. Jonathan Garcia
11. Joan Fité
10. Peter Ambor
9. Paul Alieu
8. Jeremy Berrier
7. David Kirikashvili
6. Roger Font
5. Nuno José Oliveira Teixeira
4. Jaume Rifà
3. Alexandre Alcarraz
2. David Martinez
1. Xavier Vilasetrú
16. Marc Gispert
17. Josep Magallon
18. Antony Gaulin
19. Albert Canturri
20. Miquel Barbolla

Head Coach:


15. Mindaugas Grigas (Šiaulių BaltRex)
14. Tomas Zibolis (Šiaulių BaltRex)
13. Richardas Stankus (Šiaulių Vairas)
12. Justinas Vasiliauskas (Šiaulių Vairas)
11. Žygimantas Radžius (Šiaulių Salda)
10. Paulius Šertvytis (Šiaulių BaltRex)
9. Kęstutis Ryškus (Šiaulių Vairas)
8. Kęstutis Marcišauskas (Šiaulių Vairas)
7. Vilius Kucinas (Šiaulių Vairas)
6. Darius Nosys (Šiaulių Vairas)
5. Edmundas Ščavinskas (Šiaulių BaltRex)
4. Tomas Prekevičius (Kauno Ąžuolas)
3. Marius Andrijauskas (Peterborough RUFC, England)
2. Dainius Baltrukėnas (Panevėžio Ryšių statyba)
1. Laurynas Tipelis (Šiaulių BaltRex)
16. Tomas Astrauskas (Šiaulių Salda)
17. Mindaugas Misevičius (Šiaulių Vairas)
18. Egidijus Petronis (Šiaulių Vairas)
19. Maksimas Guseinovas (Peterborough RUFC, England)
20. Evaldas Štitilis (Šiaulių Vairas)
21. Audrius Ramančionis (Šiaulių Vairas)
22. Edvardas Žilius (Šiaulių Vairas)
Head Coach:

Prekevičius makes his test debut.

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  1. The Lithuanians celebrated on the streets of Riga? Maybe, but wouldn't more be celebrating in Vilnius as opposed to the Riga, the capital of Latvia?