Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rugby Test: Netherlands Travel to Sweden

Sweden v Netherlands in Trelleborg (ENC 2B)

Venue: Pingvin RFC Ground

Referee: Narmainidze (Georgia)

The Netherlands are undefeated in this division (their only recent loss was a shock 3-6 to Lithuania and a World Cup exit). The Netherlands won their first round game against Sweden by 12 points and they should prevail away.There are three new caps in the Netherlands team.

Sweden has won only once against the Netherlands, back in 1971. Coach Mike Tatu has had to make two changes to the original lineup; Bengtsson in for Matthew Youngman, and Wetterström in for Olof Wadell, in the reserves. The mix of new talent and players from foreign leagues provide hope for new era! "We believe we have taken out a strong squad with several young, talented players, and players with experience in tough leagues abroad ", said Tatu.

25.04.2009 Netherlands 36-24 in Amsterdam (WCQ Europe R3; ENC 2B)
23.04.2005 Netherlands 24-17 in Amsterdam (WCQ Europe R3, Pool C)
08.05.2004 Netherlands 16-0 in Stockholm (ENC 2A)
03.05.2003 Netherlands 39-26 in Amsterdam (ENC 2A)
07.05.1994 Netherlands 44-6 in Vanersborg (Friendly?)

GWC Rugby Rankings: Europe Table-Netherlands 19th, Sweden 22nd

Prediction: Netherlands by 6



15 Robert Nave (Enköpings RK)
14 Thomas Ardvisson (Fredriksberg RK)
13 Alexander Taylor (Nuneaton RFC, England)
12 Paul Matthews (Goteborgs RK)
11 Tobias Borg (Enköping RK)
10 Timothy Johansson (Enköping RK)
9 Lee Sandberg (North Walsham RFC, England)
8 Sebastian Taylor (Old Haberdashers RFC, England)
7 Andrew Daish (Nuneaton RFC, England)
6 Alan Letele (Vänersborgs RK)
5 Viktor Pettersson, Capt. (Enköpings RK)
4 Ivar Bengtsson (Hammarby IF Rugby)
3 Mattias Thorhard (Hammarby IF Rugby)
2 Jan Olof Johansson (Spartacus RFC)
1 Magnus Macdonald (London Scottish, England)
Replacements from
Fredrik Casselhag (Hammarby IF Rugby)
Richard Johansson (Hammarby IF Rugby)
Peter Wiklund (Vänersborgs RK)
Rikard Ornberg (Vänersborgs RK)
Paul Sullivan (Stockholm Exiles RFC)
James Wetterström (Enköpings RK)
Roger de Jager (Hammarby IF Rugby)
Setareki Tegunimataka, Pingvin RC

Head Coach: Mike Tatu


15 Bas Cornelisse (RC 't Gooi)
14 Titus Klumper (LRC DIOK)
13 Fredick Lingsma (RC Hilversum)
12 Jordy Bonhof (LRC DIOK)
11 Sep Visser (Newcastle Falcons, England)
10 Leon Koenen (LRC DIOK)
9 Roger Scheffer (LRC DIOK)
8 Jason Knox, Capt., (RC 't Gooi)
7 Charles van Vliet (RC Marseille, France)
6 Tjebbe Jehee (LRC DIOK)
5 Boudewijn de Rouw (RC the Dukes)
4 Koenraad Buseman (Haagsche RC)
3 Costin Buburuzan (RC the Dukes)
2 Miquel van der Cruijsen (RC 't Gooi)
1 Catalin Buburuzan (RC the Dukes)
16 Robert Rijnholt (RC Hilversum
17 Merijn Loose (LRC DIOK)
18 Maurice Stahlecker (RC Hilversum)
19 Robert Teijsse (RC Hilversum)
20 Jay Jay Boske (RC Hilversum)
21 Rikard Roovers (REL)
22 Ross Nicolaas (Haagsche RC)

Head Coach:

For a full list of all international test rugby results for both Sweden and Netherlands go to

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