Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Test Rugby This Weekend

Sweden v Netherlands in Trelleborg (ENC 2B)
Denmark v Hungary in Odense (ENC 3B)

Uruguay v Argentina 'A' in Cordoba

Part of of this rugby weekend sees a continuation of the European Nations Cup and two South American nations warm up for their November ventures.

The Netherlands are undefeated in their division (their only recent loss was a shock 3-6 to Lithuania and a World Cup exit). The Netherlands won their first round game against Sweden by 12 points and they should prevail away.

Hungary regained the advantage in their division when they defeated Slovenia earlier in the month. Denmark lost to Norway by 7 points away on the same day and could well struggle against the visiting Hungarians.

Uruguay will play a home-away series against the USA in November, the claiming the second America's spot at the 2011 Rugby World Cup. They begin that campaign against Argentina 'A' (or the Jaguars if you prefer) in Cordoba Sunday. Argentina 'A' tour Europe during the November window along with the full Argentine side, the Pumas.

The full November window begins on November 7. How I will be able to keep up with it all I just do not know. Keep watching this space to see how well I do!

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