Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rugby Match: Bulgaria v Luxembourg

Bulgaria v Luxembourg in Pernik (ENC 3C)

Venue: Stadium Dimova Mihala

Referee: Pikhovkin (Russia)

Of these two teams Bulgaria looks more likely to topple group 3C leaders Israel and Greece. Bulgaria has performed strongly against bottom team Finland in their last two outings and looks the likely winner at home against their northern rivals.

Luxembourg arrived in Sofia without a few leading players. Injuries to Jonathan Harris, Joe Lister, Adrian Timmermans, William Bond and Loic Herve mean five new players, Christopher Ellis, Michael Minehan, Bryan Fage, Alan Dunn and Philip Vimond receive their first national call up.

Unfortunately there is no media outlet for the Bulgarian national side. All that can be gleaned is that 10 of their squad come from the leading club side, Valiacite Pernik.

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Last Five Encounters
29.11.2008 Bulgaria 18-10 in Luxembourg (WCQ Europe R1; ENC 3C)
24.04.2004 Luxembourg 39-5 in Cessange (ENC 3B)
18.10.1997 Luxembourg 39-6 in Sofia (FIRA Bronze A)
1993 Bulgaria 16-13 in Luxembourg (FIRA C1)
1989 Bulgaria 13-4 in ? (FIRA C)
* Note a match noted as 1992 and won 18-11 by Bulgaria is not officially in Luxembourg's list.
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GWC Rugby Rankings: Europe Table-Bulgaria 35th, Luxembourg 36th

Prediction: Bulgaria by 24 points


15. Michael Minehan
14. Nicholas Geoffreys
13. Bryan Fage
12. Flavien Grimmer
11. Willy Lafaysse
10. Christian Lowe
9. Euan Roger
8. Julien Da Col
7. Scott Mckinlay
6. Jonathan Flynn
5. Glenn Nordahl
4. Christopher Ellis
3. Nicolas Rivoallan
2. Saman Rezapour
1. Christophe Narcisse
16. Steve Ridolfi
17. Nicholas Abel
18. Nigel Sharplin
19. Alan Dunn
20. Philippe Vimond
21. Alexander Goodhew
22. Stephane Decaris
Head Coach: Marty Davis
Jan Micsenyecz (Physio)
Adam Marcus (Manager)

Bulgaria squad not available at this time.

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  1. Luxembourg lost to Bulgaria 25-12

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