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BELGIUM 7 6 0 1 146 112 134 4 28
UKRAINE 6 4 0 2 125 97 28 1 17
MOLDOVA 5 3 0 2 155 83 72 4 16
POLAND 6 3 0 3 132 157 -25 2 15
NETHERLANDS 5 2 0 3 81 74 3 2 10
SWEDEN 7 0 0 7 80 296 -193 0 0


Ukraine defeated the previously undefeated Belgium at home last week. They should comfortably account for the Poles again at home. This is a very experienced Ukrainian side.

‘Interesting returns for Poland are Nowicki in the back row and Hebda in the second/back row, both now released by their clubs in France. Unluckily for Poland their Captain and heavyweight hooker Bobryk has not been released and the double try scorer against Sweden - Gruszczynski - is not available.

Games between these 2 countries have been very close in the past with only 3 points or less between them for the last 3 occasions, but Ukraine must be confident after their victory over Belgium. They should be strengthened by the return of prop Kramarenko and back row Grabowski both of whom were playing for Polish clubs over the weekend.

An interesting aside could be that brothers could be playing against each other, with Vladislav Grabowski (Arka Gdynia) playing for the Ukraine, while his brother Marek plays in the centre for Budolani Lodz and Poland. They come from the former Polish city of Lviv in western Ukraine. Both originally played for Lodz with Vladislav then moving to Gdyni. I believe Vladislav played for the Ukraine before coming to Poland, while Marek qualified on residency grounds and is being used to beef up the midfield.’

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GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table: Ukraine 12th, Poland 19th

World Rugby Rankings
Ukraine 55.03, Poland 51.22

Prediction: Ukraine by 16 points. Score 27-11


Ukraine Squad

Mykola Aleksandriuk (RC Bulava Taganrog)
Ievgen Chaika (RC Olympus, Kharkiv)
Vladislav Demetskyy (RC Bulava Khmelnytsky)
Sergey Garkavyi (RC Olympus, Kharkov)
Wladyslaw Grabowski (Arka Gdynia, Poland)
Konstantin Hurylov ( RC Olympus, Kharkiv)
Sergii Ianchyi (RC Bulava Taganrog)
Oleg Kosarev (RC Olympus, Kharkov)
Nikolai Kirsanov(RC Olympus, Kharkiv), Captain
Vitaliy Kramarenko (RC KREDO-1963, Odessa)
Maksym Kravchenko ( RC Olympus, Kharkiv)
Valentine Litvinenko ( RC Olympus, Kharkiv)
Alexander Lomakin (RC Olympus, Kharkiv)
Denys Masiukov (RC KREDO-1963, Odessa)
Oleksandr Mishynov (RC KREDO-1963, Odessa)
Vyacheslav Ponomarenko (RC Olympus, Kharkov)
Ruslan Radchuk (RC KREDO-1963, Odessa)
Igor Snisarenko (RC Bulava Taganrog)
Sergei Sukhikn (RC Olympus, Kharkiv)
Sergiy Tserkovniy (RC Olympus, Kharkiv)
Maksym Turikov (RC Bulava Taganrog)
Edward Vertyletskyy (RC KREDO-1963, Odessa)
Volodymyr Voitov (RC Olympus, Kharkov)
Ievgen Zalevskyi (RC KREDO-1963, Odessa)

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01. Grzegorz Janiec - CA Saint Etienne (Francja)
02. Radosław Bysewski - Arka Gdynia
03. Marcin Wilczuk - Ogniwo Sopot
04. Adrian Chróściel - Pogoń Siedlce
05. Rafał Kwiatkowski - Arka Gdynia
06. Grzegorz Buczek - Lechia Gdańsk
07. Paweł Dąbrowski - Arka Gdynia
08. Paweł Poniatowski - CO Creusot Bourgogne (Francja)
09. Aleksander Nowicki - AS Macon (Francja)
10. Tomasz Hebda - RC Strasbourg (Francja)
11. Marek Płonka Jr. - Lechia Gdańsk
12. Mateusz Bartoszek - SMRC Saint Medard (Francja)
13. Stanisław Powała-Niedźwiecki - Ogniwo Sopot
14. Dawid Banaszek - Arka Gdynia
15. Patryk Reksulak - Budowlani Łódź SA
16. Łukasz Szostek - Arka Gdynia
17. Dawid Plichta - Orkan Sochaczew
18. Tomasz Gasik - Orkan Sochaczew
19. Rafał Szrejber - Arka Gdynia
20. Tomasz Rokicki - Lechia Gdańsk
21. Radosław Rakowski - Arka Gdynia
22. Marek Grabowski - Budowlani Łódź SA
23. Robert Kwiatkowski - Lechia Gdańsk

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