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Venue: Zenica



’Well Čelik ('Zenica club') isn't out of shape, just 10 out of first 15 players went to France(and other countries) after winning the RRC last year ;)

It won't be the best possible team, but it'll be the best available one. I'm more concerned with the weather :? The floods are hitting Bosnia and Herzegovina again, and rain isn't stopping. It's going to be difficult to play fluently, and I think it'll favour the Turks, but I have no doubt about the winner

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GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table: Bosnia Herzegovina 34th, Turkey 36th

World Rugby Rankings do not apply as Turkey is not a full member of that body

Prediction: Bosnia H. by 11 points. Score 27-16

Bosnia squad, thanks to

Ajanović Semir, Turčinović Senad, Stanković Zeid, Pojskić Edin, Suljić Ammar, Oruč Haris, Tufekčić Sedad, Durgut Dženan, Zadić Armin, Subašić Sabahudin, Spahić Fadil, Glavaš Selmir, Hamzić Adnan, Topčić Semir, Tuka Elvis, Bašić Adis, Fetić Mirsad, Mrkaljević Muhamed, Ahmić Nejro, Bišić Mahir, Smajlović Samed, Begić Haris & Spahić Elvin.

Turkey squad not available

Also today a friendly ‘test’ match

Malta Barbarians v Gibraltar

Venue: Valetta

The Barbarians is a home-based side whilst Gibraltar is yet to gain affiliation to Rugby Europe due to the protests of Spain.

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