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Venue: Paphiako Stadium, Paphos

Referee: Mario Jelavic (Croatia)

LITHUANIA 3 3 0 0 118 55 63 3 15
LATVIA 3 2 0 1 66 81 -15 1 9
CYPRUS 3 2 0 1 67 64 3 0 8
ANDORRA 3 1 0 2 48 82 -34 0 4
HUNGARY 4 0 0 4 76 94 -18 4 4

These two teams appear to be the favourites in this competition despite Cyprus’ loss earlier to Latvia. Lithuania will be aiming to get back into Division 2A for the 2016-18 competition.

Lithuania will have stars Ignas Darkintis and Gediminas Marcisauskas returning from England for this crucial game. They gave a strong display against undefeated Latvia last weekend.

Cyprus will be very strong at home. They have never lost at home, winning 14 tests matches on the trot. They will find Lithuania their biggest challenge at home since 2007 when they started playing test rugby.

These two teams have never met before in a test rugby match.

Lithuania Last Five P 5, W 4, L 1
25.04.2015 v Latvia W 46-11 in Riga (REC 2B)
25.10.2014 v Hungary W 38-29 in Siauliai (REC 2B)
18.10.2014 v Andorra W 34-15 in Andorra La vela (REC 2B)
26.04.2014 v Switzerland W 24-18 in Vilnius (ENC 2A)
19.04.2014 v Croatia L 21-25 in Zagreb (ENC 2A)

Cyprus Last Five P 5, W 4, L 1
29.03.2015 v Hungary W 17-15 in Szazhalombatta (REC 2B)
15.11.2014 v Latvia L 20-39 in Riga (REC 2B)
01.11.2014 v Andorra W 30-10 in Paphos (REC 2B)
17.05.2014 v Hungary W 46-13 in Paphos (ENC 2C)
26.04.2014 v Bulgaria W 46-15 in Sofia (ENC 2C)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table: Lithuania 23rd, Cyprus 26th

World Rugby Ranking Points
Do not apply. Cyprus is not a full member of World Rugby

Prediction: Lithuania by 9 points. Score 26-17




  1. Augustinas Terleckas-11.7.1985 (VAR Vilnius)
  2. Tomas Zibolis-6.10.1981 (Baltrex, Siaulia)
  3. Ignas Darkintis-8.2.1989 (Ealing Trailfinders RFC, England)
  4. Julius Sutkus-9.2.1990 (Baltrex, Siauliai)
  5. Naglis Duncikas-13.2.1986 (Azuolas, Kaunas)
  6. Martynas Liansbergas-18.5.1994 (Baltrex, Siauliai)
  7. Justinas Urbonas-27.3.1992 (Vairas, Siauliai)
  8. Zygimantas Radzius-30.6.1990, Capt. (Baltrex, Siauliai)
  9. Mindaugas Misevicius-11.2.1982 (Vairas, Siauliai)
  10. Dovydas Taujanskas-14.7.1994 (Hartpury College, England)
  11. Donatas Vilimavicius-11.9.1993 (Vairas, Siauliai)
  12. Kestutis Marcisauskas-24.7.1985 (Vairas, Siauliai)
  13. Justinas Vasiliauskas-10.7.1985 (Vairas, Siauliai)
  14. Mantautas Vilimavicius-18.8.1992 (Vairas, Siauliai)
  15. Vytaras Bloskys-30.8.1991 (Baltrex, Siauliai)


  1. Daivaras Jonatits-14.3.1992 (Vairas, Siauliai)
  2. Modestas Bekeris-3.1.1990 (Vairas, Siauliai)
  3. Airidas Savickas-24.8.1994 (Baltrex, Siauliai)
  4. Nerijus Maciulis-4.4.1993 (Vairas, Siauliai)
  5. Domantas Tautkus-2.6.1993 (Azuolas, Kaunas)
  6. Dainius Tamaliunas-29.4.1993 (Azuolas, Kaunas)
  7. Gediminas Marcisauskas-4.6.1982 (Peterborough RFC, England)
  8. Ignas Jankaitis-4.1.1990 (Baltrex, Siauliai)

Head Coach: Ntando Majokweni Manyosha

Team sheet thanks to Tomas Bieliauskas, Lithuania RF

Players not included from v Latvia

Marius Andrijauskas-22.7.1980 (Shelford RC, England)
Jonas Mikalcius-1.5.1994 (Hartpury College, England)
Lukas Radzevicius-21.3.1993 (Baltrex, Siauliai)
Dominykas Matuzevicius-20.8.1995 (Baltrex, Siauliai)


Cyprus Squad

George Agathokleous *
Jack Anthony
Michael Aspros
Stevie Awah
Ryan Bennett
Jack Bilton
Stavros Economou 
Fidias Efthymiou
Alexander Filiotis
Christos Ioannou
Christos Kasapis
Matthew King
Konstantinos Konstantinidis
John Loizou
Dan McFarlane
Mark Mladenovic (Captain)
Panagiotis Nikolaidis
Stelios Panayiotou
Jonathan Pettemeridis*
Luke Phrixus
Anthony Thomas
Burham Torgut
Marios Zakakiotis

Adapted from

Only two remaining players from Cyprus’ first test match, v Greece, March 2007.

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