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ARC Division 2 gets underway today in Malaysia. Unlike Division 1, this is a round robin tournament.

United Arab Emirates v Thailand in Kuala Lumpur (ARC Div.2)

UAE emerged from the old Arabian Gulf Rugby Union in 2011. After initially remaining in the top league it was soon apparent they were just not up to the elite Asian rugby standard. Last year they lost to Singapore and on that result were relegated to yet a lower division. It will be interesting to see how they fare at this level.

The UAE’s biggest challenge is to engage the ethnic Arab population in this sport. To date they have had limited success their players being mostly ex pats qualifying on residential grounds.

Thailand has a long and rich rugby history. Heavily supported by the armed forces

Previous Encounters
These two teams have not yet met in a test rugby match

United Arab Emirates Last Five P 5, L 5
23.04.2014 v Singapore L 13-30 in Dubai (Asia Nations Div.1)
18.05.2013 v Philippines L 8-24 in Manila (WCQ Africa; Asia 5 Nations)
10.05.2013 v Japan L 3-93 in Dubai ((WCQ Africa; Asia 5 Nations)
26.04.2013 v Korea L 10-75 in Al Ain ((WCQ Africa; Asia 5 Nations)
20.04.2013 v Hong Kong L 7-53 in Hong Kong ((WCQ Africa; Asia 5 Nations)

Thailand Last Five P 5, W 1, L 4
29.10.2014 v Malaysia L 10-29 in Bangkok (Vaijirabngkom Cup)
25.10.2014 v Malaysia W 33-16 in Bangkok (Vaijirabngkom Cup)
23.05.2014 v Iran L 22-26 in Doha (Asia Nations Div.2, 3rd-4th)
20.05.2014 v Qatar L 11-24 in Doha (Asia Nations Div.2, semi-final)
06.04.2013 v Chinese Taipei L 23-52 in Colombo (WCQ Asia; Asia Nat. Div.1)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Asia Table: UAE 6th, Thailand 11th

World Rugby Ranking Points
Thailand 41.35, UAE 30.00

Note: UAE began with 30.00 when it first played a test in 2011 and did not inherit points gained by Arabian Gulf.

Prediction: Thailand by 15 points. Score 29-14




15- Khamkoet Warongkron
14- Pannapat Pooltharat
13- Peerapol Chukoun (Debut)
12- Khomchak Chakrabandhu Na Ayudhaya
11- Thitipat Losuwannakul (Debut)
10- Klin Laksanasompong
09- Akarin Thitisakulvit
08- Apichai Phichaikamol
07- Pathomrat Sirisab, Capt.
06- Phoowin Charernsereechai (Debut)
05- Napat Prompataya
04- John Robert Nichol (Debut)
03- Raitaro Isobe (Debut)
02- Chawiatt Klongtrujrok
01- San Hansapinyo
16- Kritpakon Prapakon (Debut)
17- Thammarat Lolek (Debut)
18- Patchraraphat Sornritchingchai
19- Surasak Sutmart (Debut)
20- Sarut Janda (Debut)
21- Kwan Chumjai
22- Angkrit Wanichkamolnant (Debut)
23- Sarawin Chinnawong (Debut)
Head Coach: Atapol Wongratana

Thanks to Nattapol Hemyoo, Assistant Manager, Thai RFU

Note: Test caps I have been given need to be confirmed as in one case they seem very high. Waiting to hear confirmation


United Arab Emirates Squad

Walid Al Blooshi*
Hassan Al Noobi*
Mohammad Al Alawi
Hareb Al Azri*
Clint Berkenshaw
Jonathan Bester
Jaen Botes
Michael Botha
Phil Brady
Tyson Byrne
Andrew Carphin
Ryno Fourie
Jonathan Greenwood
Paul Hart
Mohamed Hassan*
Matt Hutchings
Chris Jones Griffiths
Edward Lewsey
Daniel Minks
Graham Murphy
Mohannad Shaker*
Niall Statham
Adam Telford (Capt.)
Justin Walsh
Mark Weissenborn

* denotes Emirati players

Chinese Taipei v Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur (ARC Div.2)



Until recently Chinese Taipei has dominated Malaysia in their rugby test matches. There was a time when Chinese Taipei were ranked either third or fourth in Asian rugby, now they languish around 9th or 10th.

Other Previews

Last Five Encounters
17.04.2010 Malaysia 35-8 in Singapore (Asia Nations Div.1; 3rd-4th)
21.06.2003 Chinese Taipei 54-0 in Kuala Lumpur (Asia Tournament, B)
30.03.2002 Chinese Taipei 57-3 in Ipoh Padang (WCQ Asia, R1; Pool A)
20.12.1997 Chinese Taipei 51-13 in Tainan (WCQ Asia, Round B)
24.10.1994 Chinese Taipei 23-15 in Kuala Lumpur (14th Asian Championship)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Asia Table: Chinese Taipei 9th, Malaysia 10th

World Rugby Ranking Points
Chinese Taipei 42.62, Malaysia 42.22

Prediction: Malaysia by 2 points. Score 25-23



Malaysia Squad

1 Azman Osman
2 Mohd Nurazaman Ramli
3 Muhammad Syabil Laila
4 Dinesvaran Krisnan
5 Sae Falupega
6 Nik Mohd Shahiddan Mohd Zain
7 Mohamad Syarif Sudin
8 Eto Vaka Saukuru
9 Mohd Saizul Hafifi Md Noor
10 Mohd Syahir Asraf Rosli
11 Faat Hor Rozi
12 Atunaisa Lacadamu Takubu
13 Vatimio Rabebe
14 Tengku Mohd Fariz Tengku Roslan
15 Seru Pepeli Naqasima
16 Amirul Mukminim Amizan
17 Amirul Sani
18 Mohd Hazuwan Mohamad Zakeri
19 Wan Izzudin Ismail
20 Ras Hurairah Razbi
21 Mohd Rosmanizam Roslan
22 Mohamad Aiman Jamaluddin
23 Isoa Vuluma Turuva ... ship-2015/


Chinese Taipei squad not available

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