Saturday, September 6, 2014


Sweden v Poland in Warsaw (ENC 1B)


Venue: Stadium Poland.


And suddenly European test rugby is upon us! After a 3 month break the European Nations Cup for 2014-16 begins with a clash between Poland and Sweden.

The ENC runs a bi-annual competition. 2014 starts the new series. Teams from 2012-14 have been relegated and promoted and we start all over again.

Poland and Sweden both finished in the lower-middle positions of the 2012-14 competition. They will look towards a winning start to this season and improving those positions.

Last Five Encounters
07.09.2013 Poland 30-9 in Warsaw (WCQ Europe R4; ENC 1B)
01.06.2013 Sweden 19-11 in Stockholm (WCQ Europe R4; ENC 1B)
11.10.2003 Poland 36-0 in Gdansk (ENC 2A)
05.10.2002 Poland 14-7 in Lund (ENC 2A)
29.09.2001 Poland 18-3 in Warsaw (FIRA/WCQ Europe R2, Pool B)

Poland and Sweden shared the honours in 2013 with the home side prevailing. These two teams first met in 1964 so the rivalry going back a long way.

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table: Poland 17th, Sweden 18th

Prediction: Poland by 14 points



Sweden Squad
Andreas Austa                           Södertälje RK
Daniel Chamberlain                   Stockholm Exiles RFC
Jonathan Edwards                     Vänersborgs RK
Fredrik Enstad                            Södertälje RK
Neill Erasmus                             Stockholm Exiles RFC
Ehsan Fadakar                           Hammarby IF
Ian Gowland (kapten)                Stockholm Exiles RFC
Jonas Grillfors                            Enköpings RK
Daniel Jansson                          Göteborg RF
Tim Johansson                          Enköpings RK
Robin Karlsson                          Hammarby IF
Osvald Levin                             Göteborg RF
Sebastian Lidberg                     Göteborg RF
John McAllister                          Hammarby IF
Bobby Nave                               Enköpings RK
Andreas Nilserius                      Södertälje RK
Daniel Nissila                            Stockholm Exiles RFC
Sami Paulsson                           NRK Troján
Alexander Rappestad                NRK Troján
David Ray                                  Stockholm Exiles RFC
Lars Tunestål                             Pingvin RC
Rikus van Niekerk                      Stockholm Exiles RFC
Johan Vuris                                Pingvin RC

Mike Carruthers                         manager
Margaretha Nilsson                   administrativ manager
Christopher Richards                 huvudtränare
Massey Tuhukaraina                 tränare
Bengt Lund                                materialare
Ulrica Nyström                           fysio


Poland squad not yet announced

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