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Venue: Fifth Third Bank Stadium, Kennesaw, Atlanta, Georgia

Referee: Greg Garner (England)

The general feeling from media last weekend was that the USA should win comfortably against Uruguay in Montevideo. How wrong they all were including me. The USA put up one of it’s least memorably displays of rugby, especially in the first half. It is highly unlikely that they will put in such an ordinary display again but that doubt has certainly given Uruguay some hope of making the America’s No.2 World Cup Finals spot.

History is against Uruguay playing away especially in the USA. They have never won there. The scores are tied 0-0 on aggregate so a win by either side will see them into the World Cup Finals in 2015.

GWC Rugby Rankings
World Table: USA 14th, Uruguay 15th

IRB Ranking Points
USA 67.04, Uruguay 62.58

Prediction: USA by 9 points



Men's Eagles | v Uruguay

1. Olive Kilifi
2. Phil Thiel
3. Eric Fry
4. Louis Stanfill
5. Samu Manoa
6. Todd Clever (C)
7. Scott LaValla
8. Cam Dolan
9. Mike Petri
10. Toby L'Estrange
11. Luke Hume
12. Andrew Suniula
13. Seamus Kelly
14. Blaine Scully
15. Chris Wyles

Men's Eagles | Reserves
16. Tom Coolican
17. Nick Wallace
18. Titi Lamositele
19. Tai Tuisamoa
20. Kyle Sumsion
21. Shalom Suniula
22. Tim Maupin
23. Folau Niua


1. Aleja Corral
2. Arturo Avalo (C)
3. Oscar Duran
4. Santiago Vilaseca
5. Mathias Palomeque
6. Juan Manuel Gaminara
7. Diego Magno
8. Alejandro Nieto
9. Agustin Ormaechea
10. Felipe Berchesi
11. Jeronimo Etcheverry
12. Andres Vilaseca
13. Joaquin Prada
14. Leandro Leivas
15. Gaston Mieres

Uruguay | Reserves
16. Cristofer Soares de Lima
17. Rodolfo de Mula
18. Mario Sagario Cagnani
19. Carlos Pombo
20. Franco Lammana
21. Juan de Freitas Turcatti
22. Alejo Duran
23. Francisco Bulanti

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