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ALGERIA v IVORY COAST: Test Rugby Friendly


Photo: Stade du toec a Toulouse!!!!
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Venue: Stade du TOEC-FCTT, Toulouse. The original venue in Blagnac was considered unsuitable thus prompting the move.


The composition of both side looks to be entirely made up of players based in France. The Ivory Coast side, consisting entirely of local players defeated Burkino faso 36-3 a few weeks ago in Burkino Faso.

Previous Encounters
These two teams have never met before. Algeria’s last game was in 2012 when they lost 13-27 to Tunisia in a friendly.

Last year Ivory Coast defeated Zambia 77-3, Mauritius 83-3 and Morocco 18-15 to take the CAR Division 1C title and promotion to Division 1B.

GWC Rugby Rankings and IRB Points do not apply.

Photo: Votre opinion sur le nouveau maillot de la sélection algérienne de rugby face a la Côte d ivoire le 1 mars?
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Prediction: Ivory Coast has more organisation and game time at the international level than does Algeria. It’s a question of the standard of French rugby each side’s players play in (unknown). My money is on Ivory Coast by 15 points.




These players were gleaned from the Algerian rugby facebook page

Yan Saaoui (Pau) Hooker
Yvon Bonnard
Nordine Badji
Nabil Jalut (1st Division)
Sofiane Changsan (New player scrum)
Bsahtek Erdogan
Mehdi Ameur
Menon Frih-prop-first game
Said Tahir-1st division England ?
Tayeb Aroun (USAP)
Boumedienne Allam (looks a big man-second row?)
Khaled Kalouchi (‘Heavy Brother’ wrote someone on facebook)
Aib Jilali-back or winger
Malek Tahir-back
B.Bouhraoua-number 9
Malik Hamadache-Lyon
Said Hireche ?

Ivory Coast


Herve Kabran
Gaoussou Dao
Marius Gohoun
Bombet Mouguy
Mikael Lab
Valentin Bercker
Charles Siagbe
Stéphane Aka
Vamoussa Kaba
Paul Diallo
Serge Jouve
Ousmane Fode Soumahoro
Foassert Wendemi
Francis Djeli

Christian Lacassagne
Jonathan Lo
Jean Maurice Oulouma
Raoul Sapim
Salif Toure
James Zie
Christopher Ahipo
Bemba Camara
Landry Makagnon
Hypolite Koffi
Oscar Lasme
Yann Lohore
Pacome Zohouri
Sydney Djiropo
Josephat Die
Paul Lohouri
Eric Floch

Coaches: ADOPO Andre, LEDOUARIN Anthony.

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