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Venue: Cluj Arena, Cluj-Napoca

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Referee: Sean Gallagher (Ireland)

Romania has always struggled against Portugal even though on paper they have listed far stronger.This year Romania has brought one of its strongest sides in recent years for this game. Portugal will not only have to contend with extreme cold (-10 forecasted) but a very strong Romanian side.

Comments from FIRA-AER forum
”I've gotta say, this Romania team looks to be the strongest on paper than any other ENC team that are playing this weekend, especially their pack. Personally, I can't see the Oaks having any troubles against the Lobos.”

“We [Romania] always have troubles against the Lobos. They have a weak pack but they move the ball wide and they have fast players which we always have a hard time stopping.” iul86

“Portuguese chances were remote to begin with but no Bardy hurts big time.” 4N

“Portugal has always been a tough opponent for us for some reason, we are the favorites but this will not be easy. I like our team, not sure if Lemnaru is fit enough to be a starter but gotta trust Howells on this one.” dragos03

“There's streaming for all games outside of Russia these days. I will try to post a direct link tomorrow, but this is a pretty good source for working ENC and 6N streams:” 4N

“You can also try the official TVR streaming, it's not supposed to work outside Romania but sometimes it does:” dragos03

Previous Encounters
02.02.2013 Romania 19-13 in Lisbon (WCQ Europe R5; ENC 1A)
04.02.2012 Romania 15-7 in Bucharest (ENC 1A)
05.02.2011 Portugal 24-17 in Lisbon (ENC 1A)
20.03.2010 Romania 20-9 in Lisbon (WCQ Europe R5; ENC 1)
21.03.2009 Portugal 22-21 in Bucharest (WCQ Europe R5; ENC 1)

GWC Rugby Rankings 
World Table: Romania 16th, Portugal 20th
Europe Table: Romania 8th, Portugal 16th

IRB Ranking Points
Romania 67.47, Portugal 59.37

Prediction: Romania by 11 points



15   Catalin Fercu  RCM Timisoara
14   Madalin Lemnaru  RCM Timisoara
13   Csaba Gal  CSM Baia Mare
12   Florin Vlaicu  RCJ Farul Constanta
11   Ionut Dumitru  Steaua Bucuresti
10   Valentin Calafeteanu  RCM Timisoara
9   Florin Surugiu  CSM Bucaresti
8   Stelian Burcea RCM Timisoara
7   Mihai Macovei (Capt.)  Sporting Nazairien, France
6   Viorel Lucaci  Steaua Bucharesti
5   Valentin Poparlan  RCM Timisoara
4   Marius Sirbe  Tarbes Pyrénées Rugby, France
3   Paulica Ion  USA  Perpignan, France
2   Andrei Radoi  Ealing RFC, England
1   Mihaita Lazar  Castres Olympique, France
16   Eugen Capatana RCM Timisoara
17   Andrei Ursache US Carcassonne, France
18   Horatiu Pungea  Llanelly Scarlets, Wales
19   Cristian Munteanu U S Romans et Peageoise, France
20   Alexandru Mitu CSM Bucaresti
21   Dorin Manole US Orthez, France
22   Florin Ionita Steaua Bucharesti
23   Cristian Dinis-Vartic  CSM Baia Mare
    HEAD COACH: Lyn Howells



15   Antonio Aguilar GD Direito
14   Gonçalo Foro  CD University Lisboa
13   Pedro Bettencourt Avila CD Universitário do Porto
12   Jose Lima  RC Narbonne Méditérranée, France
11   Carl Murray CD University Lisboa
10   Diogo Miranda CF "Os Belenenses"
9   Francisco Pinto Malgahaes  CD University Lisboa
8   Jacques Le Roux Coventry RFC, England
7   Aurelien Beco  US Colomiers, France
6   Vasco Uva  GD Direito
5   Gonçalo Uva  RC Narbonne Méditérranée, France
4   Eric dos Santos  Biarritz Olympique, France 
3   Anthony Martins U S A Limoges, France
2   João Correia (Capt.)  GD Direito
1   Francisco Fernandes AS Béziers Hérault
16   Jorge Segurado  GD Direito
17   Michael Tadjer Barbosa  RC Massy, France
18   Bruno Rocha Aeistecnico
19   Fernando Almeida  AEIS Agronomia
20   Rui D’Orey  GD Direito
21   Luis Salema GD Direito
22   Emmanuel Rebelo Stade Dijon Cote D Or, France
23   Francisco Appleton  CD University Lisboa
    HEAD COACH: Errol Brain

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