Sunday, February 9, 2014


Italy v France in Paris (Also Garibaldi Trophy)

France will be out for revenge. Italy defeated them last season and plunged France to the bottom of the 2014 6 Nations points table.

France began the season well defeating England 26-25 last weekend. A last place looks unlikely as the French showed good early season form.

Italy had a shakey loss to Wales first game up last weekend. They surpised by their lack of forward power and the class of their backline. It’s usually the other way around!

Last Five Encounters
03.02.2013 Italy 23-18 in Rome (Garibaldi Trophy; 6 Nations)
04.02.2012 France 30-12 in Paris (Garibaldi Trophy; 6 Nations)
12.03.2011 Italy 22-21 in Rome (Garibaldi Trophy; 6 Nations)
14.02.2010 France 46-20 in Paris (Garibaldi Trophy; 6 Nations)
21.03.2009 France 50-8 in Rome (Garibaldi Trophy; 6 Nations)

Italy has never defeated the full French side in Paris

Prediction: France by 20 points

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