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Belgium v Hong Kong in Hong Kong (1st Test)

Venue: King's Park Sports Ground, Kowloon.


This is another cross continental test rugby venture. This time Belgium travels to Hong to play two test matches. These are the last two test rugby matches for 2013.

GWC Rugby Rankings
World Table: Belgium 23rd, Hong Kong 25th

IRB Ranking Points
Belgium 57.52, Hong Kong 54.56

Prediction: Belgium by 8 points.


Belgium Squad

1 Julien BERGER Stade Rochelais (FR)
2 Bertrand BILLI RC Soignies
3 Guillaume BREBANT Boitsfort RC
4 Hendrik BROUWERS Metro-Racing 92 (FR)
5 Christopher BROWN Fréjus - Saint-Raphaël (FR)
6 Michaël DE MOLDER Boitsfort RC
7 Thomas DE MOLDER Section Paloise (FR)
8 Sébastien GUNS Boitsfort RC
10 Pierre HENDRICKX Boitsfort RC
11 Maxime JADOT Section Paloise (FR)
12 André KOUEMOU La Hulpe RC
13 Simon MAROTE ASUB Waterloo
14 Julien MASSIMI RC Auxerre (FR)
15 David MERENDA US Marmande (FR)
16 Alain MIRIALLAKIS Waratahs RUFC (AU)
17 Julien MORELLI Bastia XV (FR)
18 Cyrille NANA NJILEM RSC Anderlecht
19 Andrew NEILL Tournefeuille Rugby XV (FR)
20 Guillaume PIRON US Colomiers (FR)
21 Frédéric RONGE Kituro RFC
22 Nicolas MEEUS Kituro RFC
23 Jens TORFS USA Perpignan (FR)
24 Bastian VERMEYLEN Boitsfort RC
25 Matthieu VERSCHELDEN ROC La Voulte-Valence (FR)
26 Norman WENDE RC Massy Essonne (FR)

Head Coach: Richard McClintok

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Hong Kong Training Squad – To be reduced down

Baddeley, Alex (Valley), Harris, Alex (Kowloon), McQueen, Alex (HKCC), Bridle, Andrew (Valley), McCulla, Andrew (HKFC), Rimene, Ben (Valley), Brant, Bill (HKCC), Ireland, Brendan (Borrelli Walsh Tigers BWT), French, Charles (HKFC), McAdam, Chris (Kowloon), Whiteford, Dave (HK Scottish), Field, Fin (HKCC), Wong, Gary (BWT), Ridgway, Ian (HKFC), Bennett, Jack (Valley), Capon, Jack (BWT), Phelps, Jake (HKFC), Cooper, James (HKCC), Hood, Jamie (HKFC), Patterson, Jon (HKCC), Munro, Kirk (Valley), Jones, Lee (Valley), Wei, Leon (Kowloon), Goosen, Mark (HKCC), Lamming, Matt (HKCC), Lai, Grapes (Kowloon), Woodward, Max (Valley), Coverdale, Mike (HKFC), McKee, Mike (HKFC), Parfitt, Mike (HKCC), Hewson, Nick CAPTAIN (Valley), Tauti, Pale (HKCC), McKee, Peter (HKCC), Varty, Rowan (BWT), Yiu Kam Shing, Salom (Valley), Nolan, Stephen (HKFC), Megaw, Stewart (HKFC), Bolland, Tom (HKFC), McQueen, Tom (HKCC), McColl, Tom (HKFC), Hunt, Will (HKFC), Dwyer, Paul (HKCC), Li, Josh (HKCC)

Hong Kong Squad for first test versus Belgium (Dec 17)
1. Leon Wei 2. Tom Bolland 3. Steve Nolan 4. Bill Brant 5. Paul Dwyer* 6. Nick Hewson (captain) 7. Matt Lamming 8. Pale Tauti 9. Andrew McCulla* 10. Chris McAdam 11. Salom Yui Kam Shing 12. Lee Jones 13. Jake Phelps* 14. Rowan Varty 15. Tom McColl

Reserves: 16. Alex Harris 17. Jack Bennett 18. James Cooper* 19. Josh Li* 20. Alex McQueen 21. Jamie Hood 22. Ben Rimene 23. Andrew Bridle

*First Hong Kong caps

Belgium Squad v Hong Kong
1. Norman Wende 2. Bastian Vermeylen 3. Maxime Jadot 4. Pierre Hendrickx 5. Cyrille Nana Njilem 6. Andrew Neill 7. Thomas De Molder (captain) 8. Julien Morelli 9. Julien Berger 10. Christopher Brown 11. Jens Torfs 12. Guillaume Piron 13. Dirk Haghedooren 14. Nicolas Meeus, 15. Sebastien Guns 16. Julien Massimi 17. Alain Miriallakis 18. Andre Kouemou 19. Matthieu Verschelden 20. Bertrand Billi 21. Hendrik Brouwers 22. Guillaume Brebant 23. Michael De Molder

Coach: Richard McClintock Manager: Jean-Pierre Finet

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