Sunday, June 2, 2013

Trinidad Tobago 20, Guyana 0. NACRA Caribbean Championship, South Zone R2

TT dedicate Rugby Win to Jason Clark

At the end of the match the Trinidad and Tobago national men's rugby team to a man all went to Jason Moon Clark, their teammate who a year ago was side by side with them, bent over and gave him a hug and then a boisterous salute in song. To their credit the Guyana team who would have had many a battle with him for nearly a decade also went to Clark and acknowledged him.
Every T&T try scored in a  workman like 20-0 upset of Guyana , yesterday at UWI grounds saw them point to Clark .

T&T lead 10-0 at half time. Guyana didn't make it easy but when required to do so T&T defended with an indomitable will.

The game and win dedicated to 27 year old Clark,a physically imposing, marauding, hard hitting and athletic second/ back row forward,one of the best T&T players of his generation, who suffered a C7 severed spinal cord injury in a car accident November last year.

His appearance at the game was a credit to his courage and determination and that of his family. His brother Jamal plays for the TT national men's team. His father, Andy, a former TT rugby stand out.

The presence of Clark seemed to inspire the efforts of his teammates as T&T, beaten 20-0 by Guyana last year in Guyana and 22-20 in 2011 in Port of Spain, turned the tables on their arch rival.

The sight of a smiling Clark belied the stark contrast of his physical realities.
It was an emotionally charged NACRA Caribbean Championship South Zone encounter.

In the end T&T advanced to the championship final with USA South.
A promise kept for the Calypso Warriors. Ahead  the challenge of another promise to a stricken teammate.

T&T national head coach Larry Mendez credited his players for sticking to the game plan and for their composure when a man down due to a yellow card.

" I am happy with the improvement shown. However we have areas  to work on ahead of the USA South final."

USA South defeated  2011 and 2012 NACRA champs Bermuda 22-14 to advance to the final. Bermuda whipped Guyana both times they won the title.

"USA South is a force  this year. They dethroned Bermuda in Bermuda. That's not an easy feat as Guyana can attest." Added  Mendez who  is awaiting official  word as to the date and venue for the final between T&T and USA South.
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