Saturday, June 8, 2013


New Zealand v France in Auckland
South Africa v Italy in Durban
England v Argentina in Salta
Scotland v Samoa in Durban
Wales v Japan in Osaka
Ireland v United States in Houston
Tonga v Canada in Kingston (Pacific Nations Cup)
Romania v Russia in Bucharest (IRB Nations Cup)
Argentina Jaguars v Emerging Italy in Bucharest (IRB Nations Cup) Non-test
Singapore v Malaysia in Petaling Jaya (Asia Nations Division 2, Final)
Guam v Qatar in Petaling Jaya (Asia Nations Division 3, Final)
Queensland Reds v British and Irish lions in Brisbane Non-test

Regret unable to cover the above matches due to work commitments

New Zealand by 7 v France
South Africa by 40 v Italy
England by 15 v Argentina
Scotland by 3 v Samoa
Wales by 25 v Japan
Ireland by 20 v USA
Tonga by 10 v Japan
Romania by 13 v Russia
Jaguars by 10 v Emerging Italy
Singapore by 3 v Malaysia
Qatar by 14 v Guam

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