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Serbia v Israel in Netanya (WCQ Europe R2; ENC 2B)

Venue: Wingate Institute

They are ready for a big match in Netanya. Image thanks to Roy Kamiel atכתבה.aspx

Referee: Frank Himmer (Germany)

Israel and Serbia begin their quest for a place at the 2015 Rugby World Cup finals. Neither side is likely to make the finals but their aim would be to get as close as possible.

Israel gained promotion to ENC 2B after winning the 2010-12 2C competition. They will find the rise to another level a challenge but the team has performed well over the last two seasons.

Serbia will be a difficult team to defeat. They will have a much bigger pack than the Israelis. Whether they can turn possession into points is another matter.

Previous Encounters
Israel and Serbia have never met before in an official rugby test match.
Israel did play three rugby test matches against Yugoslavia in 1997-2000, losing all three.

Israel Last Five P 5, W 5
02.06.2012 v Denmark W 15-0 in Netanya (ENC 2C)
21.04.2012 v Hungary W 44-5 in Ezstegom (ENC 2C)
22.10.2011 v Austria W 28-26 in Vienna (ENC 2C)
29.10.2011 v Norway W 27-11 in Netanya (ENC 2C)
14.05.2011 v Norway W 15-13 in Oslo (ENC 2C)

Israel gained promotion from ENC 2C to 2B after a very successful 2010-12 ENC campaign.

Serbia Last Five P 5, W 2, L 3
21.04.2012 v Croatia L 14-45 in Belgrade (Friendly)
14.04.2012 v Andorra L 7-9 in Belgrade (ENC 2B)
12.11.2011 v Switzerland L 19-27 in Monthey (ENC 2B)
29.10.2011 v Slovenia W 52-0 in Belgrade (ENC 2B)
07.05.2011 v Armenia W 20-18 in Belgrade (ENC 2B)

Serbia’s last test match was a loss to Croatia in a friendly in April

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table: Serbia 26th, Israel 29th

IRB Ranking Points
Israel 43.90, Serbia 40.14

Prediction: Serbia too strong on the day to win by 6 points.



Serbia Squad 

Pavle Anđelić (RC Pаrtizаn Belgrade)

Uros Bаbić ( RC Pobednik Belgrade)

Bogdanovic (RC Krusevac)

Danilo Bulаtovićа (Juvenijа Krаkow, Poland)

Igor Dejаnović (RC Pаrtizаn Belgrade)

Aleksandar Đorđević (BRK Belgrade)

Vladamir Đukić ( RC Pobednik Belgrade)

Andrew Jаnković (Berlin Grizlis Germany)

LJubičić (BRK Belgrade)

Marko Kаpor ( RC Pobednik Belgrade)

Aleksandar Krstić (RC Pаrtizаn Belgrade)

Jerko Lаbus ( RC Pobednik Belgrade)

Nenad Mаtejić (RC Pаrtizаn Belgrade)

I.Mаrtić (Berlin Grizlis Germany)

Milan Orlović ( RC Pobednik Belgrade)

Branimir Petrović ( RC Pobednik Belgrade)

Pirković ( RC Pobednik Belgrade)

Milan Rаstovаc ( RC Pobednik Belgrade)

Ivan Rodić (BRK Belgrade)

N. Rodić ( RC Pobednik Belgrade)

Dejan Tаsić (RC Pаrtizаn Belgrade)

Pedrag Vrаneš ( RC Pobednik Belgrade)

Milandin Živаnov ( RC Pobednik Belgrade)


Head Coach: Dragan Grujic

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