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LATVIA V SERBIA: Test Rugby, World Cup Qualifier European Nations Cup Division 2B

Latvia v Serbia in Belgrade (WCQ Europe R2; ENC 2B)


Venue: Milicionar Stadium (Police Sports Ground), Makiš (near Ada Ciganlija), Belgrade

Referee: Poplavskiy (Ukraine)

Serbia started its Rugby World Cup qualifying campaign with a 22-48 loss to a strong Israeli side away two weeks ago.

Another preview here but in Serbian without a squad list

Latvia were relegated from ENC 2A at the end of the 2010-12 competition. They came last and were automatically relegated. They have the disadvantage of not yet playing together this season and of also playing away.

Previous Encounter
03.05.2003 Latvia 29-18 in Belgrade (ENC 3A)

Latvia Last Five P 5, L 5
05.05.2012 v Sweden L 3-31 in Enkoping (ENC 2A)
8.04.2012 v Lithuania L 8-48 in Riga (ENC 2A)
05.11.2011 v Croatia L 8-34 in Split (ENC 2A)
29.10.2011 v Malta L 0-28 in Riga (ENC 2A)
14.05.2011 v Sweden L 29-54 in Riga (ENC 2A)

Serbia Last Five P 5, W 1, L 4
13.10.2012 v Israel L 22-48 in Netanya (WCQ Europe R2; ENC 2B)
21.04.2012 v Croatia L 14-45 in Belgrade (Friendly)
14.04.2012 v Andorra L 7-9 in Belgrade (ENC 2B)
12.11.2011 v Switzerland L 19-27 in Monthey (ENC 2B)
29.10.2011 v Slovenia W 52-0 in Belgrade (ENC 2B)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table: Latvia 23rd, Serbia 28th

IRB Ranking Points
Latvia 40.16, Serbia 39.65

Prediction: Latvia by 4 points



Latvia Squad

Āris Andersons (RK “Miesnieki”)
Kristaps Bērziņš (LMT RK “Eži”)
Andrejs Borisovs (“Kalve”)
Ingus Aivars (LMT RK “Eži”)
Edgars Cīrulis (RK “Miesnieki”)
Elmārs Imbrass (“Kalve”)
Kristaps Jakušs (RK “Baldone”)
Sandris Jauntēvs (“Kalve”)
Ruslans Kotļevs (LMT RK “Eži”)
Raimonds Krūmiņš (LMT RK “Eži”)
Edijs Libers (RK “Livonia”)
Andrejs Meļņikovs (“Kalve”)
Mikus Ozols (“Sigulda”)
Reinis Pepa (LMT RK “Eži”)
Arvis Pilenieks (LLU)
Santis Podāns (“Kalve”)
Valters Raņķis (RK “Miesnieki”)
Māris Robežnieks (RK “Miesnieki”)
Jānis Skuja (RK “Miesnieki”)
Māris Streikišs (LMT RK “Eži”)
Mihails Tumins (“Kalve”)
Vigo Valdavs juniors (RK “Livonia”)
Matīss Zalcmanis (“Kalve”).

‘No Russian based players, presumably due to the final round of games in the Russian Championship on the 27th. Latvia lost 21 - 69 to Lithuania in a warm up game on the 21st but this was not an official test as it was played for 5 x 20 minute periods with many line-up changes’.

From ‘Quentin’ at


Serbia squad not yet available

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