Saturday, October 20, 2012

Rugby World Cup 2015 Qualifying: Europe Round 1

Finland v Norway in Oslo (WCQ Europe R1; ENC 2D)


Venue: Bislett Stadion

Referee: Michaelkiewicz (Poland)

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Norway was relegated from ENC 2C at the end of the 2010-12 European Nations Cup competition. This is their first game in ENC 2D. They should be too strong for Finland. They were never outclassed in ENC 2C. They defeated Austria and pushed Israel (who were promoted to ENC 2B). They also fared well against Denmark in an early season Viking Cup encounter.

Finland lost by two points to Luxembourg at home earlier this month. Playing away they will find Norway a handful.

Last Five Encounters
07.05.2005 Norway 44-14 in Bergen (ENC 3C)
05.06.2004 Norway 54-7 in Beauvais (ENC 3C, Playoff 3rd-4th)
08.06.2003 Norway 55-20 in Ibisa (ENC 3c, Playoff 3rd-4th)
29.09.2001 Norway 37-3 (Friendly)

Finland Last Five P 5, L 5
06.10.2012 v Luxembourg L 14-16 in Helsinki (WCQ Europe R1; ENC 2D)
09.06.2012 v Cyprus L 5-52 in Helsinki (ENC 2D)
26.05.2012 v Bulgaria L 24-26 in Turku (ENC 2D)
21.04.2012 v Luxembourg L 3-26 in Luxembourg (ENC 2D)
12.11.2011 v Greece L 6-16 in Athens (ENC 2D)

Norway Last Five P 5, W 1, L 4

08.09.2012 v Denmark L 15-22 in London (Viking Cup)
19.05.2012 v Hungary L 14-28 in Oslo (ENC 2C)
05.05.2012 v Austria W 11-5 in Bergen (ENC 2C)
29.10.2011 v Israel L 11-22 in Netanya (ENC 2C)
15.10.2011 v Denmark L 4-28 in Odense (ENC 2c; Viking Tri Nations)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table: Norway 33rd, Finland 37th

IRB Ranking Points
Norway 34.33, Finland 26.29

Prediction: Norway by 26 points


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Norway Squad

Ewan Adair - (Oslo RK)

Kristoffer Borsheim - (Stavanger RK)

James Buncle - (CS Rugby 1863 ENG)

Shelton Davis - (Tønsberg RK)

Thierry Davy - (Blindern RK)

Alex Deisner - (Stavanger RK)

Kristian Elgheim - (University of York ENG)

Even Ellingsen - (Blindern RK)

Simmen Hammer Eriksen - (Horten RK)

Andreas Fyri - (Oslo RK) C

Finn Gormley - (Galway Corinthians RFC IRE)

Erlend Meldalen - (Blindern RK)

Simen Nystad - ()

Kim Robin Pettersen - (Horten RK)

Pascal Raclin - (Oslo RK)

Sakaria Ravonkula - (Bergen RK)

Nick Sæby - (Stavanger RK)

Fredrik Skovly - (Oslo RK)

Andre Slaatta - (Bergen RK)

Markus Sourlas - (Bergen RK)

Joe Bula Waqalevu - (Gloppen Bushmen RK)

Axel Wilhelsen - (Bergen RK)

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Finland Squad

Mikael Ahola

 Andras Devenyi

 Thomas Finell

 Joakim Grader

 Pierre-Yves Guiban

 Janne Heinänen

 Aaro Katainen

 Mauno Konttila

 Elias Korhonen

 Antti Lammi

 Andrew Myrie

 Crispin Mäenpää

 Juha Rainvuori

 Riku Rynnänen

 Semu Salmivali

 Lasse Sariola

 Juuso Siren

 Ari Tikkanen

 Ilkka Tuomaala

 Olli-Pekka Tuomaala

 Juusi Viljänen

 Dawie van de Walt

 Stephen Whittaker

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