Monday, July 9, 2012

AFRICAN TEST RUGBY: World Cup Qualifying CAR Division 1B

Madagascar 57, Namibia 54 in Antananarivo
Senegal 26, Morocco 25 in Antananarivo

Well, two amazing results from, what I believe, were two amazing rugby test matches. Madagascar won in extra time after scored were level at 43-43 full time. I can’t imagine the wild crowd scenes after this game. I’m hoping nobody was injured as they were last Wednesday on day 1.

We’ll follow the developments as heard by forum members..

Senegal 26, Morocco 25
’Morocco lead Senegal 5-3 after ten minutes.- -‘Natal’
’Morocco 8-3 Senegal - 20 minutes
Morocco 11-3 Senegal - 25 minutes
Morocco 14-3 Senegal - 30 minutes
Morocco 14-6 Senegal - Near half time
Morocco 17-6 Senegal
Morocco 17-9 Senegal’ again from ‘Natal’

‘No one wants to come 4th as that will be RWC2015 over for them. This could be a desperate battle!’-‘Yamaha Kiwi’

‘Morocco lead 17 to 9 at half-time. It's a shame that one team has to be relegated: both Morocco and Senegal were minutes away from winning their respective openers.’ – ‘Natal’

‘Morocco 20-9 Senegal at the start of the second half. Looking grave for Senegal - to think that they were leading Namibia with minutes left.
Morocco 20-12 Senegal - 55 minutes.
Morocco 20-19 Senegal - 58 minutes (-ish).
Morocco 20-26 Senegal - Morocco collapsing in the second half as they did against Madagascar.
15 minutes remain.’ – ‘Natal’

‘Morocco score a late try, but miss the conversion. Final result:
Morocco 25-26 Senegal
Morocco are, regrettably, eliminated from RWC 2015. They could easily have won both of their matches.’ – ‘Natal’

‘Thats 52nd IRB ranked beating 27th Surprised , like Switzerland beating Portugal!’ – ‘Quentin’

Madagascar 57, Namibia 54-after extra time!

‘Not terribly helpful, but this website ( says that Madagascar led 7-0 after just two minutes. No updates since then.
How great would a Madagascar victory be?’ – ‘Natal’

‘Incredible! Madagascar lead 29-14 at half-time!’ – ‘Natal’

‘WOW! Good luck Madagascar. However, a bit concerning for Namibia.’ – ‘jhar367’

‘Namibia have turned it around and lead 43-29 with fewer than five minutes remaining.’ – ‘Natal’

‘Two tries in three minutes for Madagascar! EDIT The try was converted 43-43 !!!!!’ – ‘Natal’

‘OMG - this is a really crazy game! Ended 43 - 43 in normal time so they have extra time now!’ – ‘Quentin’

‘43-43 at full time. We're just starting extra time.’ – ‘Natal’

‘Wow amazing. A bit leaky defence. Bring on the kicking Competition!’ – ‘jhar367’

‘Try Namibia. Wait, while I type a try to Madagascar. And a penalty to Namibia? WTF? Madagascar 50-51 Namibia’ ‘Natal’

‘Scoring has gone a bit quiet in the second half of extra time.’ ‘jhar367’

‘As you say that: Madagascar 50-54 Namibia. Can't be long to go now.’ ‘Natal’

55 - 54!
’Final score 57 - 54 to Madagascar! What an insane game Laughing
The crowd have had their money's worth today Shocked‘ – ‘Quentin’

‘YUSSSSSSSSS’ – ‘jhar367’

‘TRY MADAGASCAR! Madagascar 57-54 Namibia. Converted too.’ –‘Natal’ (posted same time as ‘yussssssss’

‘This would have been BRILLIANT to watch. Fantastic tournament! All four teams were so even. And thank you Alain Vivier for the updates.’-‘Natal’

‘Absolutely unthinkable. Maybe the most astonishing rugby result I can recall. Remember less than ten years ago this was close to a hundred point loss for Madagascar.’- ‘4N’

‘55 - 17 to Namibia in 2005, 116 - 0 to Namibia in 2002, both times at Windhoek (thanks to Rugint's site!).’- ‘Quentin’ (Thanks Quentin-RugInt)

‘I was amazed about the previous result of Senegal (52) bt. Morroco (27), but now Madagascar (56) bt. Namibia (21). Absolutely amazing!
IRB and South Africa take note.’ – ‘jhar367’

‘Madagascar's win made front page news!’ – ‘Quentin

go to ... =57:la-une

I could have written a hundred lines of review but there is nothing like a live ‘commentary’ from somebody updating twitter.

Special thanks to ‘Natal’, and others, on this great forum…

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