Tuesday, July 3, 2012

AFRICA TEST RUGBY: Africa Cup 1B Semi-finals

Morocco v Madagascar in Antananarivo (CAR Africa Cup 1B, Semi-Final No.1)

Morocco did not front up to their Africa Cup matches in 2011 and were therefor relegated to Division 1B for this year. Along with Namibia they will be a potent presence in this competition. Although the squad details are not known you can be sure of a strong French club presence.

Madagascar has got the home crowd behind them. In Madagascar that often means a huge crowd. 30,000 for a home game is not uncommon. 

Madagascar has not performed well over the last two seasons. Only the non participation of other teams saw Madagascar hold their place in Division 1B. Last year they lost 0-49 to Zimbabwe and 30-58 to Uganda.

Previous Encounter
26.11.2005 Morocco 43-6 in Paris (CAR Div.1 Final)

GWC Rugby Rankings do not apply. Morocco did not play test rugby in 2011

IRB Ranking Points
Morocco 56.11, Madagascar 44.31

Prediction: Morocco by 11 points

71[1]   77[1]
Teams not available

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