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Ukraine v Russia in Sochi (ENC 1A)

Venue: FGUP "South Sport",



GEORGIA 7 6 0 1 208 67 141 2 1 27
ROMANIA 7 5 0 2 206 76 130 3 2 25
SPAIN 7 4 0 3 156 199 -53 2 1 19
PORTUGAL 8 3 0 5 159 168 -9 2 2 16
RUSSIA 7 3 0 4 133 155 -22 1 2 14
UKRAINE 6 0 0 6 67 266 -199 0 0 0

Both teams are at the bottom of the ENC 1A points table but realistically only Ukraine can be relegated. Russia has done enough to survive but they have struggled.

The Russians are using this competition, like Georgia, to blood new players. For this match they are blooding a host of new players leaving out the likes of Victor Gresev, Andrew Garbuzov and Evgeny Matveev (last minute replacement-injured). This is very much a new-look side.

If ever the Ukraine has a chance to topple their more fancied neighbours this is their chance.

The ground conditions are reported to be ‘sticky’ which means not a lot better than when Russia played Romania here a month ago.

Last Five Encounters
12.03.2011 Russia 41-5 in Odessa (ENC 1A)
30.09.2006 Russia 37-17 in Moscow (WCQ Europe R4, Playoff 2nd leg)
23.09.2006 Russia 25-11 in Odessa (WCQ Europe R4, Playoff 1st leg)
27.05.2006 Russia 53-12 in Kiev (ENC 1)
11.06.2005 Russia 72-0 in Moscow (ENC 1)

Ukraine has never defeated Russia.

Russia Last Five
25.02.2012 v Romania L 0-25 in Sochi (ENC 1A)
11.02.2012 v Portugal W 33-32 in Lisbon (ENC 1A)
01.10.2011 v Australia L 22-68 in Nelson (World Cup, Pool C)
25.09.2011 v Ireland L 12-62 in Rotorua (World Cup, Pool C)
20.09.2011 v Italy L 17-53 in Nelson (World Cup, Pool C)

Ukraine Last Five
25.02.2012 v Spain L 6-41 in Alushta (ENC 1A)
19.03.2011 v Portugal L 24-46 in Lisbon (ENC 1A)
12.03.2011 v Russia L 5-41 in Odessa (ENC 1B)
26.02.2011 v Spain L 13-35 in Madrid (ENC 1A)
05.02.2011 v Georgia L 3-62 in Tblissi (ENC 1A)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table: Russia 10th, Ukraine 17th

IRB Ranking Points
Russia 60.12, Ukraine 52.60

It will be closer than most would expect. Russia will gradually wear the Ukrainians down in the second half and win by 12 points.



Ukraine Squad

Nicolas Deliergiev (RC Kredo-63)
Dmitri Fedyshyn (RC Kredo-63)
Sergueï Garkavy (Olmyp-RSC KhTZ)
Zourab Kikacheishvili (RC Kredo-63)
Nikolaï Kirsanov (Olmyp-RSC KhTZ)
Oleg Kosarev (Olmyp-RSC KhTZ)
Vyacheslav Krasil'nik (Olmyp-RSC KhTZ)
Vitaliy Kramarenko (RC Kredo-63)
Vitaly Krasnodemsky (RC Kredo-63)
Maxim Kravchenko (Olmyp-RSC KhTZ)
Artem Kulik (Eger Kiev)
Alexander Lomakin (Olmyp-RSC KhTZ)
Jaba Malaguradze (Kochebi, Georgia)
Taras Marchenko (RC Kredo-63)
Dennis Masyukovy (RC Kredo-63)
Andrei Melnikov (Olmyp-RSC KhTZ)
Denis Milov (RC Kredo-63)
Sergius Monastiryov (RC Kredo-63)
Aleksander Polanski (RC Kredo-63)
Yuri Pidganyak (RC Kredo-63)
Rusalan Radchuk (RC Kredo-63)
Sergei Sukhik (Olmyp-RSC KhTZ)
Miroslav Shulyak (Obolon-University RC)
Eugène Tchaïka (RC Kredo-63)
Alexander Tsapenko (Olmyp-RSC KhTZ)
Sergey Tserkovniy (Olmyp-RSC KhTZ)
Edward Vertiletsky (RC Kredo-63)

Head Coach: Zaza Lezhava
Adapted from



15   Yuri Kushnarev  VVA-Podmoskovye
14   Mikhail Babaev  VVA-Podmoskovye
13   Sergey Trishin  VVA-Podmoskovye
12   Alexander Makovetsky  Krasny Yar
11   Denis Simplikevich  Enisey-STM-Krasnoyarsk
10   Anton Ryabov  Krasny Yar
9   Alexander Shakirov  VVA-Podmoskovye
8   Anton Sinitsyn Spartak-GM
7   Paul Kvernadze  Spartak GM
6   Artem Fatahkov  VVA-Podmoskovye
5   Kirill Kulemin Castres, France
4   Denis Antonov (Capt.) Slava Moscow
3   Innokenty Zykov Enisey-STM-Krasnoyarsk
2   Nazir Hasanov Krasny Yar
1   Alexey Volkov VVA-Podmoskovye
16   Vladimir Boltenkov  Imperia Penza
17   Kirill Kopeshkin Imperia Penza
18   Maxim Sturza Krasny Yar
19   Pavel Butenko Enisey-STM-Krasnoyarsk
20   German Godyluk Slava Moscow
21   Andrey Otrokov Krasny Yar
22   Yevgeniy Titov Novokuznetsk
    COACH: Kingsley Jones

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